Susquehanna Co. Double Homicide Trial Preview

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GREAT BEND TOWNSHIP -- Friends gathered in Melissa Sharer's home in Susquehanna County to make a poster to honor the memories of Gilberto Alvarez and Josh Rogers.

It's been almost two years since the two men were shot to death near Hallstead by Lloyd Thomas but the loss still feels fresh.

April Albro said she immediately bonded with Alvarez when he moved from Florida to start a new life in Susquehanna County. She said he was drawn to the area by his Army buddy, Rogers. She said there are many things she misses about her friend.

"His sense of humor, his outlook, his attitude on life," said Albro.

Lloyd Thomas's sister, Lisa, said the past two years have been painful for her too.

"Obviously we are very sorry for their families and for everything that has happened," said Lisa Thomas.

Investigators said on February 11, 2012 Alvarez and Rogers were driving near the Thomas family property on Pine Ayre Road in Great Bend Township, and believed they heard a bullet from that direction hit their car.

Detectives said the two men went home, checked the car, and returned to Pine Ayre Road with a rifle and shotgun.

Friends of the victims believe Thomas overreacted.

"All they wanted was just the car that got shot taken care of and that was it," said Albro.

What happened next will be argued in court

Defense attorney George Lepley said Thomas was acting in self defense when he saw Rogers carrying a rifle and shot him, before shooting Alvarez.

"Obviously that shot gun had to be visable to them," said Lepley.

Prosecutors have stated that Thomas initially said he didn't see Rogers was armed.

Thomas believes a series of misunderstandings lead to the killings.

"Nobody is a bad person, it's probably a lot of miscommunications and circumstances that lead people to believe things," said Lisa Thomas.


  • james

    Lets get the facts straight ! Only person that had drugs is the killer !plus he shot at traffic and he told police niether men got killed had guns that the fact!why you shot one in head one from behind thats murder!

  • Kenneth Ayers

    This guy is guilty. Shoot one unarmed man in the head shoot another from behind well he is running away really. He should hang like in the old days or be put in front of a firing squad. And as for these news people tryin to make this thomas look like some hero saying they was there to rob the place… if they was gonna rob the place they wouldn’t be knocking on neighbors doors now would they if the news cant get it right they need to keep there big nose out of it or tell the real truth these boys served our country to keep us all safe they deserve better.

  • They never come

    I’m form Susquehanna county… FORGET about Penn State Police coming if you need them! Think I’m kidding? You’re on your own out here.

    This is why this situation happened. All party’s involved that night knew this. They handled it on their own. We see what happened because of it. If the same happened in a larger town with police who respond to calls do you think the outcome would be the same?

    • Dan Holland

      Odd but when I lived in Halstead they would come to any disturbances even drags in savoy, but down here near Clifford they still come down for anything .

  • audra

    It seems that a lot of u r trying this case already before all sides r argued. I knew both of these men and know that they were not looking to hurt anyone. They may have made some bad choice by not calling the state police. But do Amy of you know the responce time for police in Susquehanna county is. And that they never worry about a complaint like this. Hell they would have been lucky if they even showed up if they had called it in. Mistakes were made. But these young men did not deserve this nor did their families.

  • Alexandre Arnau

    If I saw two men, one of them carrying a damned shotgun, approaching my house, and surrounding it, I’m going to grab a gun, all the ammo I have, find cover, and call the cops, in that order.

    If I think my car was shot, I’m not gonna go home, grab a gun, and go back. I’m driving the hell out of there, and calling the cops when I think I’m far away enough to be safe. The two dead guys are…ahem, were idiots. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Dan Holland

    If someone with a shotgun a rifle and an attitude enter your property, what else would be the outcome …. the owner dead don’t hurt the criminals , best outcome would be an officer there , just the acts alone were against the law if two people enter a property after forming a plan to commit a misdemeanor that in itself is a felony , and assult , making one fear your posture or actions is assult. Seriously if they thought a shot from a gun penetrated their car don’t you think they would have called the state police , that way , the insurance companies would have the report they would need …….

  • Sundown

    I am all for gun ownership, but jumping to conclusions rather than self-defense leads to tragedies such as these, it’s not the wild west people, if this happened in the city there would be bodies dropped every 5 minutes..

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