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New Proposal for Former Hospital

Posted on: 4:08 pm, January 11, 2014, by , updated on: 04:00pm, January 11, 2014

CARBONDALE — A former hospital in Lackawanna County may open back up, but this time as a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

People living near the former Marian Community Hospital in Carbondale received a letter stating the zoning board will consider the proposal at its next meeting.

The hospital closed in February of 2012 and is for sale.

The zoning hearing is January 15 at 7 p.m. in Carbondale.


  • Tag A. Bukag says:

    if this could create more Job then it was also be good to proposed in some hospitals in mexico.

  • Kristina says:

    The closest veterans hospital is in Wilkes Barre. I think we need a veterans facility to help them reintegrate into the civilian world. A home, a clinic, a safe place at which they can talk and even just sit to think. PTSD is real, TBI is real and they need help! They need support!

  • unreal says:

    How does somebody that just claimed bankruptcy for millions open a rehab? Many skeletons in the closet someone better dig deeper into this and Ms. Belino.
    She is a very manipulative person! And doesn’t practice want she preaches.
    She will have you believe that she is strong in her faith and has “recovered” from addiction. All I can say is BEWARE.
    Talk to those who know her best.

  • mike says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. I was born and raised in Carbondale and still reside here. There is no question that the area could use the added jobs. I think that the location is less than desirable considering that is in the middle of a residential area. Unfortunately I am not sure if there is any other interest in the property. I would hate to see it remain empty like the old Roosevelt school that is nearby and many other buildings in the town. If run correctly it could be an asset to the community however the proposed operator does not appear to be qualified to do this.

  • Precious says:

    I bought a house in Carbondale a few years ago and must say I have wonderful neighbors and have seen only a city developing and progressing and people fixing up there properties because it’s affordable to live here. I work in Scranton and have lived in the small towns surrounding over past years and see no difference in crime are the people that live in these towns. I’m proud to say I live in Carbondale and trust that the right decision will be made about a drug rehab center. Our mayor Justin Taylor cares about the people and the future of the city.

    • Screw you says:

      Hello Justin Taylor.

      He has trashed this city, holds secret meetings to keep the town from voting again things he wants. He has an agenda and it isn’t to help the city. People living in right next to the hospital did not get notifications of this. This town needs new people in charge.

  • jensel says:

    All spoken from true people that live here……………and ya think we need a drug treatment place?? Let’s bring more in!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!

  • jensel says:

    Go ahead and let them do it, then look at Edwardsville & other cities that did this. You can’t walk down the main street at night!!!!!!!!!! Is this what they want???????????
    If approved, they will lose everyone that supported them.

  • john says:

    Pay attention people to the crime the plagues the once beautiful town of Williamsport since they allowed a drug and alcohol treatment center into their town. They are dropped off from big cities like philly and then when let out they stay and do their dealings here. Many better options for use of that building and to create jobs. This area does not need more riff-raff

  • Lee Tonkin says:

    One I live right up road did not get a letter, two.. my daughters pediatrician has office right next door at marion professional building. You can’t have a bar next to day care or school but drug addicts buy kids dr office is ok ?

  • JBean99 says:

    I was born in that hospital and grew up right next door. I still live in Carbondale and it is getting progressively worse. I never received any notice of this proposal other than online. I feel that this facility should be put to good use but not too keen on it being used for a treatment facility. One of them jumps ship and wants to leave..they will be knocking on someones door for a ride or a phone in the middle of the night looking for money too for their oh so needed fix. I don’t want them knocking on my door…my parents door..or my grandparents door @ 2am.

  • Linda says:

    Ms. Bellino operated a 1/2 way house down the street from the hospital and left town. There were many issues with this home and how it was run by her. Channel 16 please look into Lackawanna County Drug Court’s views of this facility and its’ operations/referrals from our court system. I am in full support of a properly run treatment facility but Ms. Bellino’s track record in C’dale has cause for concern.

  • Joyce says:

    We don’t need that here we do need a hospital again it takes 20mins maybe more to get to the ER’s in Scranton … And I didn’t get any letter start looking for someone to open the hospital for that again a ( Hospital ) not some we sure don’t need here

  • healthy living to alll says:

    A drug And alcohol rehab is perfect for that site!!! People are saying they don’t like drug addicts. Well drug addicts don’t like themselves either. Alcoholism and druug addiction from prescription pain pills to heroin is running rampage in Lackawanna County. This type of facility could only help the area! The closet rehab is Marworth with a 2-7 day waiting period for people in dire need. We all know someone who is directly or indirectly affected by the disease. Yes its a disease. I for a one hope the plan moves forward and quickly.

  • nacelle says:

    We do need more job opportunities in this area. But not a rehab….. put up a veterans hospital anything but this ………. In my opinion there are enough rehabilitation facilities in this area!!!!!!
    I dont see very many places to help veterans or there family’s. But thats just my opinion and, to address those nasty comments ive lived in Carbondale all of my life. And im not a drug

  • stacie says:

    everyone living near the hospital want to know were are the letters that they said were sent.

  • Former Resident says:

    I am truly hoping that the current residents of Carbondale allow this facility to come into it’s city. Since the closing of MCH the city is in desperate need of an employer that will hire more than 5-10 people. This is an opportunity for most likely more than 100 jobs if not even more. Not only does the City of Carbondale need this the local area needs a facility that can be an asset to the area. I’m sure that when it is up and running it will mirror something like Marworth, and not the drug infested hell-hole that you fear.

  • Mike says:

    I like the Idea of the Veterans Center A lot more then then a drug rehab -I really don’t care for drug addicts at all. They are weak and manipulative people who have made their own destructive decisions to et them where they are, I don’t think this is the Bump that Carbondale needs… Thanks but no thanks

  • stacie says:

    That is funny ,I did not receive no letter and I live right by it, Liars .. How are they going to fix peoples drug problems when they can not fix the pole thats been that is snaped in half for over a year in front of the hospital

  • bring it says:

    for all the people who just made comments about carbondale,,,you can say what you want,,, like i just read its dumpy,, and most of that town is hooked on somthing,,let me bring you a news flash!!! THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS A MESS! its our culture today, theres problems in every state, city, county!!!!! there are many good hard working people in carbondale,. so unless you live somewhere where its perfect, theres alot of jobs,,no crime at all,,,,and perfect like you may think you are,,keep your worthless comments to your self! ITS NOT WHERE YOU LIVE,, ITS HOW YOU LIVE!

  • crystal says:

    not only does it need jobs but also a rehab, most of that town is hooked on something!

    • Betty says:

      I would like to know where you people who have made such ugly remarks about Carbondale live. If you have such a low opinion of this city than what do you care…unless YOU need rehab and are too embarrassed to have a rehab center in your perfect town!

  • Kristina says:

    Or, how about a home for veterans?? A facility for veterans would be nice, we all know lots of them need help!!

  • Wnep says:

    Bring on some more jobs. That dumpy little city needs one.

    • Ann says:

      I agree i seen a really nasty side of her the real Cindy came out .And im not sure about you people but when i hear scholarship I hear free not you owe me and when shes mad to use someone most personal stuff against them that they shared with her is sad and i am for something like this but not from someone like her.

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