State Police: Man Shot by Scranton Police Officer

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SCRANTON -- Authorities said a police officer was involved in a shooting in Scranton Saturday evening.

Police said they were called to a home on New York Street in the Pine Brook section of the city for a domestic dispute.

Officers said when they arrived, Javar Josey, 30, walked outside and pointed a gun at them. A police officer then shot him in the left shoulder.   Josey was taken to the hospital.

State Police have taken over the investigation.


  • CeCeeE

    Really . NOT ONE OF YOU. HAVE ANY RIGHT TO JUDGE either the victim or the perp. Either way yal are talking nonsense. #YourInMyPrayers

  • AfriendFOE

    Oh and for the record, before you go pointing fingers maybe you should stop to think that NONE OF YOU are perfect!!

  • Eye4aneye

    SCRila are you kidding me . You sound like a moron and should really grow up and realize what you just said . It’s punks like you that give all minarites a bad name . GROW UP !!!

  • SCRila

    All y’all can Succ a dicc, my homie gonna pull thru and keep on doin his thing. Fucc the cops and fucc the oops which is yu negative muthafuccers.

  • Eliezer Rivera

    This is for Juan i been leaving in scraton area for 4 year not once i had any confrontation with any cop. you know why i dont carry a gun, i work for a leaving, and i follow the law never less im puerto rican so if they are so racist like you say why i dont have any problem with the police.

    • armyjay

      yo why would u say something like that. That is my cousin who like a brother to me.How would u like it if that was your family and i said oh the cops aimed two inches too high and wished your family member to be dead. honestly i hope karma tortures you for saying something like that

      • lost caregiver

        He beat on his wife (whom he threatened to kill) not to mention infront of their children. Mistakes? No thats a disgrace and the True biggots arr the assholes defending this man. Seriously. What is wrong w you people? Its not ok to threaten or harm anyones life.. im glad to see you are all in the midstate that being beaten up and threathened is ok. I only hope your daughter gets beaten and u laugh it off. You morons.

  • Jeff

    Hey Juan, if you don’t like the way things are handled, leave, it’s that simple. Another simple thing is this, if you point a gun at a LEO, you get shot……..see how that works?

  • Jay

    Watch you mouth moron you wanna act ignorant towards someone I know personally? Your a bully bigot no good not even worthy to be the mud under my boots idiot frank. I hope when you pass someday god judges you as you have others. Your taking your frustrations out on a man who made a mistake cause you parents didn’t love you enough and give you hugs. Lonely childhood. Scum

    • lost caregiver

      Jay, since you know him is. True he was beating on his wife? Just out of curiosity. And all I will say in defense of the officers is if someone, anyone pointed a gun at me, best believe they will be shot before I am.

  • Rob Snover

    Seriously? I’ve been in this area for 3 and a half years and I have to say that Northeastern PA MUST be the least racist place I’ve ever lived…. unbelievable that ANYONE would make the charges brought forth in this thread.

  • lost caregiver

    Just for the record, juan you are NOT the minority. Hispanics and african Americans haven’t been the minority for years.

    • DUH

      If you point a gun at a cop, they WILL shoot you. That is just common sense. It doesn’t matter what color you are. Hardly racism.

      • Kira

        So you believe that if a cop says it happens its the truth? you sir are diluted and obviously know nothing about how racist and crooked cops could be.

      • DUH

        Yes, Kira, because after a search of the court database I would TOTALLY trust the word of this guy (sarcasm). Assault and battery, resisting arrest, possession….this is just naming a few. Such a good upstanding citizen.

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