Penn State Signs New Football Coach

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The Nittany Lions have a new football coach. The university introduced James Franklin on Saturday afternoon.

The coach left Vanderbilt University for the much coveted job in Happy Valley and fans of the blue and white are looking forward to what the new coach will bring to Beaver Stadium.

After lots of speculation over who would succeed bill O'Brien at Penn State University, the university has its man. James Franklin joined the school's athletic director and president once the deal was done.

The Philly area native will take over a program that has not been the same since the Sandusky child sex abuse scandal and the subsequent NCAA sanctions.

Franklin's contract is reported to be six years, 4. 5 million dollars. Some Penn State fans believe Franklin is worth it. Especially if he sticks around longer than O'Brien's two year stint in Happy Valley.

While fans cheered on the Penn State-Wilkes Barre basketball team at Kings College, some shared their reservations about having Franklin take over the storied program. Especially considering the fact the coach has not stayed at any one job for very long.

Still Franklin turned things around at Vanderbilt University and comes to Penn State set to make his own mark on the Nittany Lion legacy.

We're going to unite coaches, community.


  • Michael

    It’s not a slap in Larry Johnson’s face listen some people are made to be a Head coach and others are great assistance coaches. I am sure if he was or wants to be a head coach he would be one now if not at PSU somewhere else. It would not matter who Penn State would have picked there would have been people loving the pick as well as hating the selection lets just let it play out and embrace the team and support them.

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