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Three Charged In Burglary And Beating

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- What police believe was a fight over money between three people caused quite a stir in a neighborhood in Lackawanna County. All three people are now behind bars, one charged with burglary, the other two charged with false imprisonment.

Police in Clarks Summit in Lackawanna County say it's certainly rare to have a domestic fight turn into criminal charges for everyone involved but this is what they're alleging.

Police say Thomas Sedorovitz, 21, of Scranton, received a death threat from a man from Clarks Summit. They say Sedorovitz then broke into the man's house and was held captive there and beaten for two hours.

All was quiet on Summit Avenue in Clarks Summit Friday but that wasn't the case Thursday morning.  Police say an assault that started hours before under bizarre circumstances spilled into the street.

Ian Castrogiovanni, 37, and his wife Heather Wagner, 27, are accused of assault and false imprisonment for allegedly beating up Thomas Sedorovitz and holding him captive for two hours.

Sedorovitz is accused of breaking into the house. But here's where the story gets confusing.

Sedorovitz told police he was told to come to Castrogiovanni's house with the money he owes him or get killed. Police say Sedorovitz was tied up with zip ties and beaten. He eventually escaped and ran to a neighbor’s house.

The neighbor said he was covered in blood that still stains the front porch.

Another neighbor watched it all unfold.

"I witnessed a woman walk across the street from her home onto our neighbor's property with a metal bar. The gentleman held the one man back and the woman hit him directly over the head with a metal bar."

A neighbor was able to stop the fight and called police who charged all three.

Clarks Summit police say Ian Castrogiovanni admitted to recording the entire two hours that he allegedly had Sedorovitz held captive. That could lead to more criminal charges, so the investigation is far from over.

Police say they're just beginning to find out what really happened in the house. Neighbors are afraid of what might happen next.

"We're scared once he's out of prison what he's capable of doing to us."

Castrogiovanni, Wagner, and Sedorovitz are all behind bars.

Castrogiovanni and Sedorovitz are being held on $10,000 bail.

Wagner is held on $5,000.

There is no word from investigators on additional charges.


  • gallifreystands

    maybe just maybe you should ask the 2 inocent people that were almost murdered by the psycho that broke in to their home. The news only sells if the story is confounded with mystery and mis-direction. WNEP im sure will be following up on this story in the near future is for no other reason to save face and avoid public shame for spreading sensational lies to the people they claim to “serve”.

    Get it together 16 or step aside and let someone more capable of journalism do your job!

  • Erin

    Maybe they should release the recording so that the neighbors know exactly what kind of crazy their dealing with.
    Seriously who in their right mind records something like that?

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