400 New Jobs Near Wayne County

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HANCOCK, NY -- It’s welcome news for the unemployed in Wayne County: 400 new jobs.

The company hiring is called Qualfon Data Services Group and does a variety of work from call center services to indexing for various companies and organizations, and they’re hiring now.

A new look and new jobs are coming soon to a building in Hancock, New York, just across the Wayne County line.

Qualfon Data Services Group is replacing an old company that moved out of the country years ago, leaving hundreds looking for work.

"This project is going to bring 400 new jobs to the area within two years, it's going to be a mixture of back office and call center jobs,” said New York site director Richard Muller.

Muller says his company is hiring hourly, full-time employees from entry-level to managers and trainers, all at competitive pay.

"With benefits, health, dental, 401k,” added Muller.

The job applications can be picked up at the Village Office.

Jerry Dabrescia is retired in Hancock and says this news is good for the unemployed in Hancock and the unemployed in Pennsylvania.

"Tickled almost to death, yeah, well traditionally Hanckock has always been very involved with Pennsylvania," said Dabrescia.

In Wayne County alone, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor says 1,900 people are looking for work.

News of these jobs certainly has created a buzz around downtown as well, in mom and pop stores and at the Hancock House Hotel.

"Very looking forward to Qualfon coming in. We think it's going to bring a great influx of people into the area and it's going to be a great opportunity for lots of the locals," said Hancock House Hotel manager Rosie Mulqueen.

The hotel has 32 rooms, a restaurant and bar and they believe this venue will have a lot to offer this new business and their employees.

"We can accommodate corporate meetings if they want. We can close off part of the restaurant if they want to have meetings there or training sessions," said Mulqueen.

Qualfon will begin renovating the building hopefully by the end of January, and begin putting people to work in the spring, helping to make these hopes a reality in Hancock soon.

"This is one of the things we're excited about, is indeed making the community and the people's lives in the community better and moving forward,” said Muller.

You can contact the Delaware County Workforce Center at 570-746-8595 for application information.

Applications are also available at the Village office in Hancock, NY.