Veteran Gets a New Home

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For years, a depressed and down on his luck veteran from our area suffered through years of survivor's guilt.

He bounced around in and out of hotels without a home.

Now, he has a new lease on life and a new home to call his own.

Bernie Bruzgulis put a lot of work into a mobile home in White Haven as part of a special project to help a fellow veteran.

"It was pretty bad. It was all cobwebs and dirty, we put new floors in, new ceiling in here, a lot of plumbing was bad from sitting for so long, the roof needed patching," said Bernie Bruzgulis, Navy Veteran.

This is a project to change the life of Vietnam veteran Bob Doleiden Bob said he fell on some hard times, didn't have a home of his own. For five years he lived in motels.

"I was a loner, I really had nowhere to go, and like I say I was on a guilt trip. I felt bad that a lot of my friends didn't made it back from Vietnam," said Doleiden.

Doleiden said because of the guilt and loss of life, he volunteered for three tours during the Vietnam war.

"I had nightmares, flashbacks, every night, and that`s why I sort of lived the life I lived," said Doleiden.

Doleiden just moved into the remodeled home which was fixed up by his veteran friends.

"It was work that was good for the heart, especially around Christmas and the holidays," said John Kerns, Coast Guard Veteran.

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