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Talkback Feedback: Cold Weather

You might have noticed, our weather was a little cold the past week.

Talkback 16 callers sure noticed. They flooded our phone lines with comments about the weather and our coverage of it

So we headed outdoors for this week’s edition of Talkback Feedback.


  • Ray LaMonica

    Listening to a lot of callers complaining about the High School Sports coverage is disturbing. I come from a upper middle class region of long Island 15 years ago. One of the greatest and most enjoyable things that I can see between the coverage of HS sports here and there is there is none there. If we expect or young adults to be positive parts of our society we need to support them and make them know that they are doing good by being part of sports , bands, or any other extras they can include in their time spent in grade school. We will be upset by the crimes they commit but if we support them in the things that they are interested in we all help them in building minds and bodies that are more likely to be good citizens of this great area. Only someone who has spent the first half of his or her life in another area can see the good that this area has to offer.

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