State AG to Take Over Contractor Case

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MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- The fraud case against a contractor from Schuylkill County is being turned over to the attorney general's office. The contractor is accused of getting paid for work he never completed, and he's still running his business.

As John Kachmar walked into a district court in Schuylkill County, about six victims waited inside ready to testify against him and the contracting work they say he promised but never did.

But those victims didn't get their chance to speak out. The hearing was postponed, now being handled by the Pennsylvania Attorney General due to a conflict within the district attorney's office.

"The victims right now just pretty much want their money back. We’re not talking about $100 here. We’re talking about thousands of dollars," said Mahanoy Township Police officer Brandon Alexander.

Back in October, four victims filed charges against Kachmar for the incomplete contracting work. He was charged with fraud and theft for taking close to a total of $17,000 for work he never completed.

Mae Davidson of Mahanoy Township paid him $2,000 for roof repairs she says he never started.

"He said to me ‘How can you do this to me?’ He took my money," said Davidson.

Since the fall, two more homeowners have come forward.

David Moran of Mahanoy Township was supposed to have his leaky garage roof fixed. He says that never happened. But now so much time has passed, this garage is covered in mold, and it has icicles from where the water is still leaking through. The victim here says this garage will likely have to be torn down.

"If he would have put that roof on when he was supposed to, none of this would be. I wouldn’t be here now. You wouldn’t be here now. So that’s all I got to say. This was his doing, not mine," said Moran.

Police say Kachmar is still running his contracting business. In fact, he put an ad in his son's high school football program this past fall. But police are asking any other victims involved with Kachmar to come forward. The contractor remains free tonight.

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