Pizza Delivery Man Beaten, Stunned & Robbed

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SCRANTON -- Scranton police are looking for four men who left a pizza delivery man stunned and robbed in the street.

Newswatch 16 found officers searching for the attackers in the area of Vine Street and Prescott Avenue early Thursday morning.

According to authorities, a worker with Goodfellas Pizza on Mulberry Street said a delivery driver from the restaurant was jumped by four men around 1:30 a.m.

Police said the 22-year-old driver was beaten with a bat, zapped with a stun gun, and maced.  He did not ask for medical treatment.

Investigators said the robbers stole the victims money, cell phone, car keys, and three trays of pizza.

Officers brought in dogs to look for the attackers and are looking through surveillance video to see if the men were caught on camera.

Anyone with information is asked to call Scranton police.


  • donna halechko

    Id like to know who made the phone call and ordered the pizza. Seems to me that person can very well be involved. It made the delivery guy have to come out and the 4 idiots that attacked him knew just when and where to be and they made sure they got the pizza they ordered too! Scumbags!

    • James D. Hagen

      So you are assuming that the teenage mutant ninja turtles are racist huh? Why cause they are green? Maybe u better step back and re-evaluate yourself fella and see how you feel about green people!…. Or white people for that matter…………. Go back to the sewer wth the rats you racist scumbag!

  • delivery driver

    I carry mace on me when I deliver since I can’t carry a concealed weapon. ..poor guy …As a driver we don’t like to carry a stack of cash on us for reasons like this

    • scott goodwin

      I hear ya well don’t worry these jerks can’t get through a day normally and will have other run ins with the law that will get them caught for this if they need to rob a delivery man today they need to rob someone else tomorrow just a matter of time

  • James D. Hagen

    I’d have to reckon to say that those four scumbags who robbed that fella, were not good fellas…… Ya know what I mean, fella! And they didn’t even take the guys pizza…..All that for a measly 20 some bucks…………..u betcha!

  • scott goodwin

    No this rings of wanna -be gangsters, 4 men with weapons isn’t a hungry mob it’s an agreement between all four to be unified in the act of robbery and should be prosecuted as such.
    we need to ask ourselves what system of education produces this mentality?

  • Kiana

    We need a state-sponsered think tank to focus on why our communites are in serious decline and what we need to do, as a society, to stop the trend. That poor young man, just trying to earn an honest buck.For God’s sake, this needs to stop and I do believe there are minds out there that are intelligent enough to know what we can do, as a people, to resolve.

  • Warren Searfoss

    and if the pizza delivery guy would have shot one of them to protect himself then we would have people crying on how such a nice person the thief was and did not deserve to be shot

    • TG

      Seriously shut up! If you referring to Trayvon that is the stupidest thing I have heard. You are obv just as ignorant and miss informed as they are since Trayvon did not try to rob & attack anyone, did not have a weapon, nor was he of age. Ignorance is bliss but please stop spreading your stupidity.

      • Jim Brony

        Over-react much? Warren said nothing about Trayvon or even remotely hinted in that direction. YOU are the ignorant one. And what does being ‘of age’ have to do with any of this? It’s about defending yourself with the means necessary to end the situation. You tell me – if four guys came after you with a bat, taser, and mace – and you had a weapon to defend yourself – would you at least produce it to stop the attack? Get a grip and get over it – Trayvon is dead and George was found not guilty. Move on, or are you stil brooding over OJ too?

    • Jim Brony

      Only the friends and family of the perps who are most likely crooks, gang-bangers, and dead-beats themselves. The shame of it is most companies have policies that prevent employees from arming themselves while on the job. The crooks know this and unfortunately it makes the employees soft and easy targets.

  • Angela Entzcolley

    We need a state sponsered think tank to focus on why our communites are in serious decline and what we need to do, as a society to stop the trend. That poor young man, who was trying to earn an honest buck.For God’s sake, this needs to stop and I do believe there are minds out there thzt are intelligent enough to know what we can do, as a people, to overcome this.

    • Danica Patrick Ewing

      You don’t really think we need a state sponsored think tank do you? The communities were fine 20-30 years ago. What’s the least common denominator? I can’t say what it is, because that’s not politically correct, even if it’s a fact. If Obama had a son, they’d look like him.

    • Sundown

      I agree, and here’s my answer coming form someone who lived in NYC 45 years and then came to a small town in Northumberland County to live with my husband..If I had a dollar for every time I hear how bad it was where I came from and stuff “like that” doesn’t happen here I would be a rich woman in a VERY short time! Ignorance, denial, indifference, and fat cat commissioners are actually cutting law enforcement pay in our county..sheriffs are quitting..We are in trouble here! We would go thru similar experiences with statements like, “not in my neighborhood!” When stuff would start to go down there! It’s EVERYWHERE!! In the city its just multiplied by the thousands..same crap, different demographic!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing, the fact that 4 people couldn’t get 15 dollars together for pizza or the fact that 4 people still needed to use weapons against one guy. Scranton isn’t the same as it used to be.

  • observed

    Every day in the news around here there is a robbery…..our society is going backwards….,.people are reverting to their most primal selves. We are becoming a 3rd world country.

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