PA’s NYC Commuters React To NJ “Bridgegate”

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With a scandal in neighboring New Jersey that spilled into northeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has had to fire four advisers and explain his role in manufacturing a traffic jam that slowed traffic heading into New York City last September.

Christie apologized and took questions on Thursday.

"I am heartbroken about it, and I am incredibly disappointed. I don't think I have gotten to the angry stage yet, but I am sure I'll get there. I am just stunned, and what does it make me ask about me? It makes me ask about me what did I do wrong to have these folks think it was ok to lie to me?" said Christie.

On Thursday, Christie met with Fort Lee's mayor, the man media reports said the governor's office targeted because he didn't support Christie's re-election campaign.

The Poconos is home to hundreds of people who commute to the Big Apple daily. Newswatch 16 spoke with some of them.

Peter Henry drives in from Marshalls Creek.He said he was stuck in the traffic nightmare getting onto the George Washington Bridge last September. He is livid to hear that gridlock may have been political game.

“That’s totally sabotage, that’s not a part of politics. You can’t treat people like that because you want to do your own thing, that’s totally not fair,” said Henry.

Reports of emails show Christie’s top aides may have orchestrated the jam leading into the most traveled bridge in the country as political retaliation.

Michael Pinckney and two friends just got off the George Washington as they stopped at Delaware Water Gap and said that’s a bridge that doesn’t need any more traffic problems.

“I just got out of an hour and half worth of traffic, so it’s ridiculous, no matter, it’s ridiculous,” said Pinckney.

Delays in commutes could lead to the loss of a job.

Anna Dnistran said to get to work on time she catches a bus at two in the morning.

“I’m on the bus early with a lot of construction workers. If they’re not there at that time they could lose their bid,” said Dnistran.

Commuters said the only brakes needed to be applied are those to Chris Christie's political aspirations and a possible run for the White House.

“We need to change the politics game that we’re playing now, you can’t have people sitting on the road for four to five hours,” said Henry.

“It’s horrible, I would actually go and arrest him,” said Dnistran.


    • Pa girl

      Voting is the easy part. It’s the aftermath that causes these problems. Corruption, lies, thievery it’s All a part of these politicians after they are sworn into office.

  • Lynn

    I wish PA would make a stink about the traffic on Rt. 15 around House Corner Rd where it’s not the amount of cars on Rt 15 causing this but the timing of the traffic lights. Can someone tell me why there is there miles of bumper to bumper cars lined up trying to get through those traffic lights when there is no more then 5 cars waiting on those cross streets! I moved here from NJ to PA as many many others have because of the corruption and high taxes in Jersey

    Is this Jersey’s way of punishing US also?!?!?!

  • Pa girl

    It’s just more and more political BS that the working for a living people gave to deal with. More stress, families shuffling for daycare, did I mention stress?

    It’s beyond time for all of us to begin our own campaign. Start with the politicians and go upwards from there.

    How much more crap do WE need to put up with?

  • JRS

    Do people actually think she did this on her own?? She just ran out and caused this without the Gov knowing?? Really?? More will come out on this and ohter stuff about the “big” Gov. He is nasty,,,

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