Death Threat Leads to Fight, Three Arrested

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- Police in part of Lackawanna County said they arrested three people in connection with a fight at a home Thursday morning.

Police in Clarks Summit said Thomas Sedorovitz, 21, from Scranton admitted breaking into a home along Summit Avenue after he received a note saying to go to the house before 8 a.m. or he will die.

When Sedorovitz got to the house, he went in and he and Ian Castrogiovanni, 37, started to fight. Castrogiovanni and another person in the home, Heather Wagner, 27, allegedly tied him up.

According to police, Sedorovitz broke free and ran down the street, but the pair followed him onto a neighbors porch where Wagner hit him several times with an object.

Castrogiovanni allegedly sent the note to Sedorovitz because he owes him money.

Sedorovitz is charged with burglary and criminal trespass. Wagner and Castrogiovanni are charged with assault and false imprisonment.


  • David

    It shouldn’t matter if he had his power shut off and had to run a generator. It shouldn’t matter that he cares for animals (although I hope someone is caring for them while he’s not there). It shouldn’t matter whether he did or didn’t do drugs etc etc.
    The fact is that, this was a crime scene and should have been investigated. A man was zip tied and beaten for 2 hours while the whole thing was recorded. What type of person records them beating another human being bloody?
    Clearly it seems that all 3 of them suffer from some sort of mental illness or instability. In all of this, crimes were committed and should be dealt with accordingly.
    I, myself reside in the neighborhood where this took place and I can honestly say that, yes, I fear for my safety as well as my families once Mr. Castrogiovanni is released. I agree with “Fearful in Clarks Summit”, if he’s not considered a threat and this happened, what exactly would he be capable of doing if he was considered a threat?
    As a resident of that neighborhood, I partially feel as though his property should be examined and investigated. Perhaps it should even be listed as a blighted property and condemned, but that should be saved for a different nuisance complaint all together.

    • Fearful in Clarks Summit

      I agree with you. We are frustrated, but you are correct. This needs to be dealt with as an isolated incident apart from other issues that have gone on. Hopefully all three involved will be mentally evaluated while incarcerated.

  • PistolPete82

    I was informed by a very credible source that he did not abuse his cats,He in fact took those cats in,gave them the things they needed and for the most part saved their lives.Again this information was given to me from an actual credible source, a person who was good friends with ,obviously knew Castrogiovanni on a very personal level and has known him for many years.Unlike his neighbors who instead of trying to get to know him simply just stood back and judged him.These same people have gossiped up,down and all over this list of comments and yet have said anything that is of importance or even related to this incident we are commenting on.

    • Fearful in Clarks Summit

      He must be your friend …move into the neighborhood and see the problems he creates daily. The animals are neglected and sometimes abused. Get your facts straight.

  • PistolPete82

    Okay I have met this Castrgiovanni guy a few times and other than being a little different and having a different perspective on things he was okay.I even hired him once for a moving job and he worked like a bull.With that being said I havent spoken to him on quite a while and according to a close friend who has had a recent falling out with him,he has really started to lose touch with reality.I was told he has become very paranoid and became overwhelmed with crazy thoughts and theories.From what the reports have said it seems that he set this guy up and basically was hoping for this guy to break in so he could exact revenge for money owed to him.This is not the way to go about trying to collect debts that are owed to you and he should be locked up and psychologically evaluated.I dont really know anything about his girlfriend but chasing a man her boyfriend told to come to the house with a crow bar is not a good impression to make when you are being judged by people who do not know you.

    Now with all of these things aside and knowing that everyone is entitled to their opinion I must say the majority of the comments on here are ridiculous.I love how everyone all of the sudden is coming out of the wood work saying all this negative remarks.They apparently have always felt this way but because of this now is the time to call the humane society(Which by the way I was always under the impression that Mr.C loved his cats dearly and took care of them.),now is the time to tell the cops about his abundance of drug paraphernalia and problems with abuse and the funniest of all now some of the more dramatic neighbors say that they “Fear for their Lives”.This guy has lived there in that very neighborhood for a long long time and no one has said or done anything.Now because of this three ring circus of a fight that was taken too far, all of the sudden everyone has the answers to all the neighborhoods problems.Where have all of you been up until now?Dont get caught up in the drama people.Stop talking nonsense just to be part of the majority.For god sakes think for yourself.Maybe something should be done about him,his apparent drug problem and his so called abused animals.But if this is the case then shame on you people for not doing something prior to this event.Because from what Ive read from the posts of his neighbors he has had problems long before this incident.

    So everyone needs to move on and go back to their lives.Theres nothing really to see and the show is over.Stop gossiping like teenagers over things most of you have no real insight of whats going on.No one is even questioning the integrity of the man who broke into the house.Every one is gang tackling the easy target.This is still a mans life your talking about here and a lot of you are slandering the hell out of it.Let this case mature a little before you pass judgement.And for gods sake will the jealous ex girlfriend please stop slandering this man.Everyone can see you for what you are and that just happens to be a jealous,crazy,immature,loud mouth,vindictive and vengeful ex girlfriend who the more she opens her mouth the worse she makes her self look.Look your entitled to your opinion but grow up already.Theres no reason for you to be saying some of the things you said publicly on a website.If I were you I would hope that Castrogiovanni doesnt take much offense to your comments because he may be able to take some sort of legal action against you for slandering his name.

    • Fearful in Clarks Summit

      I live here and have called the police over 50 times. This was not a three ring circus…it has been going on for over ten years. Become another neighbor and live with it daily or take your opinions, false as they are somewhere else…know it all. I think maybe you have also lost touch with reality as well as the criminal we speak about. Sounds like you are defending the actions of this person, whom you have said you have not had contact with in years….I am happy to ask him to move into your neighborhood and see if you can live with this nonsense. In your own words, seems like he is losing touch with reality. Go judge someone else’s neighborhood and the crazy people that live there. We are fine handling our own three ring circus without your input with no knowledge or regard for our feeling or safety.

      • Sundown

        Fearful, herein lies the problem, when the day comes when we have to be afraid to “offend” criminals and psychopaths, well golly, why don’t we just let them take over our neighborhoods?! And “slandering” on a public website?
        and as for PP? There are reasons why websites have comments sections, so people can tell how they feel, …. duh….just like you dude..

  • Fearful in Clarks Summit

    Something needs to be done before they are released from jail or he may shoot everyone in the neighborhood. Police are not taking this seriously, nor is the borough code officer. He was told to clean his property up in the summer….junk is still there. He lost power after he did not pay his bill in the summer. Residents had to listen to a generator run for over 30 days. Residents were told by police there was nothing they could do. He has threatened to kill numerous residents in the neighborhood. He will do it at one point, for sure.

    • Fearful in Clarks Summit

      We are scared. I too would not put it past him to seek revenge on all neighbors. I have a call into Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in regards to the abused and neglected animals. If everyone could do the same we may see some results for the poor animals who have no voice. I personally have thought it very strange that I am constantly being told there is nothing that can be done. I guess the friendship with the police officer answers that pondering question.

      • selfie

        I wouldn’t worry about it. Just don’t feed the trolls and continue to report everything to the police. These people may live off of social security due to their sickness, but they are and will be held accountable for their drug-induced actions.

    • PistolPete82

      Are you serious? You are actually complaining about having to hear the faint sound of a generator.Were not talking about a the compressor on a refrigerated trailer,were talking about a generator.Its doubtful you could have evn really heard it but giving you the benefit of the doubt maybe on a quiet night you might have heard it if you truly listened for it.Dont you think this complaint is petty?I have been in situations before when I could not pay my electric bill and lived for a week or two with no power.Trust me Im sure this period of time was no picnic for him.And since when did random citizens become enforcers for the FCC?The FCC ,the Comcast,The Electric and the comments also about the junk in his yard have nothing to do with this matter.But please inform me where it is you live so when I become perfect I can also live on Perfection Lane with you and the rest of your elite neighbors.

  • b

    Cops are useless, do owhat you have to do to make your neighborhood better. Believe me, been through this crapola.

  • Shaun

    Why werent the people mentioned charged with battery instead of assault? Assault is only causing the imminent threat of danger. Battery is actually physically hitting somebody with intent to injure. Didnt it say the dude started a fight?

    • PistolPete82

      Thats a good point! One would think that hitting a human being repeatedly with a crow bar would be considered an act of physical violence with the intent to cause injury.Im pretty sure she wasnt using it as tooth pick or a shoe horn.I would have to say the intent to cause harm started when they start to hit others with a weapon of any sort.Maybe battery required more paperwork than assault.We all know sometimes the local boys in blue can be known to cut corners while on the job.

  • Rondo

    if i got a note that said go to this place or u will die i would go to the police not rob someone geez a 21 year old dumbass lol

  • Ash

    on a side note why would this guy goto the house and BREAK in instead of contacting police? this sound very fishy and im beginning to believe what ive heard regarding this individuals sanity. if someone broke into my house that owed me thousands of dollars id beat him, tie him up but then call the police. but then again as i’ve stated in a previous comment the police from what i’ve been told didn’t want to waste time on the case to begin with so in a way i dont blame them. also i do hope the police were competent enough and made sure to at least contact someone to go and feed the multiple animals cared for here including 2 large dogs and a number of felines including newborn kittens especially in this weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jason

      Well George, maybe you, being a good friend could go and check on the animals. Maybe even feed them while he’s on vacation

      • Ash

        if i can find the money to do so i have already considered such Jason but presently do not have funds at my disposal

  • Ash

    as far as i know there was an ongoing problem with this sedorovitz character and was told the police kept refusing to do anything about this guy who had broken into castrogiovanni’s house a few months earlier, smashed him in the skull while he was asleep then went on to smash a ton of very expensive electronic equipment before fleeing and the summit police kept refusing to do anything about it as they did not like Ian and this is only hearsay but also that sedorovitz is a diagnosed schizophrenic but as i said do not qoute me i only know bits and pieces but hope this sheds some light

    • Sundown

      So, my bad then, these clowns have a mutual history…they will perhaps be locked up for a little spell, evaluated, pilled up, and set free to wreck havoc somewhere else…FEMA camps might not be a bad idea if used properly!

    • Ash

      stupid enough to post comments that make no sense as there is no one i know of wanting to legalize many drugs nor are drugs of any issue in regards to this?

    • Shaun

      How exactly does this have to do with legalizing drugs? Actually the legalization will have reduce this stuff as well as increase state revenue. Use your brain before you speak.

    • Lorna Buratto (@LornaBuratto)

      Most of the people commenting against Ian don’t know him and they should just shut the hell up because they are the real crazies in the neighborhood. I’ve know him since he was born and he is nothing like the person he has been portrayed as by the drunks and sociopaths that live in his neighborhood. He is certainly not a drug abuser and his IQ is in the genius range and he loves animals and goes out of his way to care for animals that his “neighbors” abandon. He is almost the direct opposite of what others who don’t know him are saying. How are they getting away with this character assassination of a man who is so far superior to them. This guy was dealing with a neurotic, sick lunatic who invaded his home and Ian had no choice but to defend himself against some guy who clearly meant to harm or kill him. That same intruder almost succeeded in killing him a year prior and he got away with it while Ian had to be hospitalized for a severe life threatening head injury. Ian is such a wise and unique person that he even had a kind of sympathy for his attacker because he knew the guy was mentally ill. When is the real truth about what really happened going to come out. This is a horrible nightmare for his mother and the rest of the family who love and care about Ian. This is a travesty beyond belief.

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