Relief for Your Face: Home Remedies

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Some remedies, you can whip up at home to help you bounce back, or at least make you appear to be not so exhausted from the holidays over the past few weeks.

So many of us can relate to this statement from comedian Jen Grant:

"I hate it when people tell me I look tired. `Oh, you look tired today.` Don`t you hate that? Thanks for compliment that`s great.  Thanks for telling me I look like crap. Who looks good tired?"

The hustle and bustle of the holidays over the past few weeks may have wore you down to the point it`s starting to show on your face.

Dawn Schuster, a licensed aesthetician, has some tips to revive that sleepy looking skin.  We caught up with her at Geisinger`s Center for Aesthetics & Cosmetic Surgery in the Danville area.  Up first: tips for those tired eyes.

"For puffiness in the morning you can put a green tea bag on.  Put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then put them on your eyes for about five minutes," said Schuster.

As for those so called "raccoon" eyes, Dawn said they can be near impossible to treat.  But she says your best bet, even for the fellas, is to reach for an eye cream that includes a conceiler to help you cover up those dark circles.

Another way to take your skin from groggy looking to glam: A facial scrub that dawn said you can make with some products mostly all of us have at home right now.

"Baking soda and water. Great for a home remedy exfoliatent," said Schuster.  "Two teaspoons of baking soda. You can just add some cold water and pat it on the face. It makes a little paste.  Rinse it off after 10 minutes.  It makes a great exfoliate."

Here`s another facial scrub recipe:

"Put it all in equal parts.  Get a little oatmeal in a cup and some warm milk.  A little bit of honey and just paste it all over the face," said Schuster.

And finally, how about some help for our cracked skin from all of the recent cold.  If you`re over the counter lotion just isn`t cutting it, here`s some inside scoop.

"My big beauty secret is coconut oil.  A jar of coconut oil you can get at the grocery store. It`s a great hydrator.  It kind of just melts onto the body and it`s a great moisturizer."