Outdoor/Indoor Farmers Market Draws Crowd

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LEWISBURG -- Wind and bone chilling temperatures usually make people want to stay inside, but not at the Lewisburg Farmers Market.

"We left this morning we had four. Four degrees? Four degrees when we left this morning," Steve Middaugh of Haupt's Produce said.

The Lewisburg Farmers Market on Fairground Road features indoor and outdoor vendors. Many of the outdoor sellers do not set up when it is this cold, but several sell their produce no matter what. Even when it is 14 degrees outside.

"It's definitely slower. You can't put out the display and people tend to wander right to the building where it's warm. But you do what you can," Middaugh said.

And the shoppers line up! Debbie Weaver of Northumberland came to Haupt's Produce to stock up.

"My cupboards are bare from it not being open. So I have to come out and do it," Weaver said.

"It's really cold out! But it's good food, and it's cheap. I mean, their fruits are very reasonable. So even though it's really cold it's worth it? It's worth it," Audrey Naus said.

Even though produce needs to stay cold, it's actually too cold to keep the fruits and vegetables outside so employees keep the produce inside that climate controlled truck.

"When people come by, if you have the signs out, if they see something they want, or they don't it, they just ask us and we'll dig it out for them, that way it's ready to go," Middaugh said.

After she is done shopping outside, Audrey Naus of Berwick says she goes inside the market to get warm.

"Then I get a hot sausage inside, french fries," Naus said.

The Lewisburg Farmers Market is open every Wednesday year-round.