Lawsuit Filed In Doctor’s Death

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WEST PITTSTON — The family of a doctor from Luzerne County who died suddenly last year has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Geisinger Wyoming Valley and Geisinger Health System.

Jennifer Sidari, 26, of West Pittston died in May, just weeks after graduating from The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton.

The lawsuit claims that doctors at Geisinger Wyoming Valley failed to diagnose a blood clot in her brain when Sidari showed up at the hospital complaining of severe headaches.

The lawsuit seeks damages for pain and suffering and future earnings.


  • Nick Floyd

    This is my best friends sister. Stuff like this shouldn’t be decided through comments or even on a news website. It should be decided in closed court. It’s nobody’s business what’s going on. Cut it off the news, leave it be. My heart goes out to Pete and his family. They are the nicest people I have ever met in my life and after everything they’ve been through they don’t need criticism or any bullshit from anyone.

  • yo lo

    God Bless the family! Who even knows if all the proper testing could have saved this beautiful young lady. We had a family member who was 30 years old pass away recently from the same thing. Unfortunately he passed away in his driveway before anyone could even help him. It came sudden and he probably didn’t even know what was happening. The family has a right to do as they seem fit, I can not judge and neither should anyone else. My deepest sympathy

  • Kevin

    I was taken to geisinger by ambulance on 11/20/13 after being in car accident they left me in the hall gave me perk 5s and sent me home I was barely able to walk and my family doctor sent me for an MRI and here to find out I have a bulging disc in my neck and back

  • A friend

    How dare some of you (Shannon Rebecca Stacy) who are you to stay that Jen would not have helped out her younger siblings (who were still in high school when their big sister/role model died) pay for college books or supplies in some way. And I understand that the loss of a parent ways brings about pain and suffering and 4 months may seem like a short time but I’m sure the pain and suffering you went through were no where near the agony that Jens parent underwent. Having your firstborn come home from an out of state wedding one day and die the next night bring about a level of pain and suffering that I can not even immagine. And let’s not forget that Jen was one of the lost giving people there can be and she learned this from her parents. I am more than sure a portion of any money won will go to worthy causes that Jen would have supported. I have been a friend of the Sadari family for years and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since May that I haven’t preyed for them. Any money they win will not be enough. And most importantly maybe this will stop the hospital from making a similar mistake in the future.

  • Margaret

    Ok, I feel for the family, I do. It’s completely heart breaking to lose a loved one and my thoughts are with them. I just can’t believe that I read all of these comments and most of them blame the docs for not doing the CT scan/missing this finding. The girl is 26 years old! A CT, that’s a significant amount of radiation to expose her to! Do you know how many people come into the ER with headaches?! It’s huge! If doctors CT scanned every one of them, they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! Also, doctors aren’t miracle workers or magicians, they are not clairvoyant. Things are missed every day. It’s the reality. And suing is insane. Money isn’t going to make anything better. This is crap.

  • Todd Reeder

    When hospitals get new equipment like an MRI machine they give MRI’s to as many as they can so they can pay for it. They want to run all these test to pay for there new equipment.

  • Timmy B

    Not a Brain Surgeon here, but shouldn’t a simple Inked CT scan have found this if it was that bad? Sometimes you do have to wonder if you ARE being treated Correctly. It took two months and three different doctors to tell me I’d had a mini stroke. The ER sent me home the day that it happened so I could go home and call an Ortho doc the next day to make an appointment. A Neurologist found it two months later!!!!

  • Sue Lombardo

    The sidari family has extremely suffered over all of this a wonderful woman and doctor is gone because this hospital failed to properly treat her. If wyoming valley caught it when she was there then she would have been at Danville becoming a doctor. Jennifer cared about kids and wanted to help all kids get better. Wyoming valley needs to b held responsible.

  • Stacy

    So, I should be able to sue my Dads doctors for future earnings, pain and suffering, loss of wages and whatever because they misdiagnosed him? They gave him a diagnosis of arthritis but when the pain got so severe I took him to the ER and ER Doctor told him he had stage 4 cancer…he died 4 months later.

    • Betty C

      I completely understand what you’ve said. My dad, although sick, went through ER, was admitted, and we made plans for his discharge. Died from an infection he got in the hospital (within days). Doctors are not perfect. They’re human, just like the rest of us. ER doctors often work the most horrible hours, often functioning on way too little sleep. The death of a loved one is sad and horrible, no matter what the circumstances. I hope that the family (and those close to the family) understand that no one is trying to undermine the value of the young woman’s life .. because a life is irreplaceable. I think that many people see that lawsuits and malpractice suits have gotten out of hand in this country. I also believe that many people are speaking out because healthcare is practically unaffordable because the cost has to include enough to cover malpractice insurance for all of the doctors. A lawsuit will probably not really hurt the hospital at all, but, more than likely, it will cause healthcare for many to go up even higher. No one means any disrespect for the family,

      • Sundown

        Everything you said was true, in all my experience and that of with loved ones for the most part I believe the times we were in this situation the ER was VERY thoro..I am from NYC and there the wait sometimes is a nightmare, but here they get right on it..and they were always very thoro at the Geisinger well as Evan in Lewisburg..

  • katti

    I agree with the family to sue. Money cant bring her back but it can help the girving process and dont a single one of you act like you wouldnt do the same if it was your family member I know for a fact I would.

  • Rebecca

    Who would of benefitted from her future earnings?? Why would her family get money unless the family is a husband and/or children!! And why do they get money for pain and suffering? People suffer pain and suffering all the time. That’s life. Money won’t change that.

    • Jen

      The reason I’m not trying to go to medical school is because of how much it costs. (I might not get it because of a low test score, but I’m not even trying to pass that test because of how much it costs to go to medical school.)

      Her parents might be co-signers on her school loans. This kind of debt won’t go away if she’s dead. They’ll still have to repay it.

      The estimate for cost of attendance is nearly $60.000/year at this medical school (source:, and it takes four years to graduate. She was a member of the first graduating class, so she probably had (at least) about $240,000 worth of loans when she died, not including any loans she might have accrued as an undergraduate student.

  • Cindy Marseco Beck

    I don’t get the lawsuit for future earnings who gains from that but the family her earnings would of not went to them so how can they sue for that God Rest her soul she had a bright future and it was taken away and do I believe the doctor and hospital are fault yes I do they are to fast to diagnose a problem without the proper testing…

  • shannon

    I am sorry for the families lost. But how is suing for money going to bring her back? It won’t make the situation better either. And sometimes things can’t be caught every time some people wait till the last minute to go to the doctors very often, and who’s to say if they did catch it would she still be alive?

  • JoAnn Mosher

    blame the INSURANCE COMPANIES…The DRS want to run test…but it is the INSURANCE COMPANIES THAT HAVE THE FINAL SAY! With their pre certs..etc…people are dying because INSURANCE companies are dictating to DRS what test to run!!!!!

    • Todd Reeder

      I wanted my doctor not with Geisinger to do a test for low thyroid. He said he wouldn’t do it because insurance already pays for enough UNECCASSARY test.

    • joan

      this is so true ive been turned down by my insurance co. for a MRI and so im just suffering with the pain, hoping it doesnt turn into something very serious from not being treated.

  • Samantha

    I feel bad for this woman’s death, but the hospital should not be at complete blame for this. Sometimes things are missed and not because of a doctor’s neglect. If it were not for that hospital I believe that a good friend of mine would not be alive today.

  • Robert

    you cant trust doctors they dont do tests that should be perform to diagnose hidden problems i guess they care about the money.

    • none of ur business

      U are so right at least I have a little hope there’s a few ppl in this convo that aren’t blind ignorant fools who think our health care system is great

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