Getting Back To Normal After Arctic Freeze?

MONTROSE -- In Montrose, Susquehanna County, it seems things are getting back to normal.

The mercury is rising after days of dangerously low temperatures.

It was so cold, that replacing letters on the movie marquee in town was a brutal job.

"As I'm putting up the marquee, the word I was doing was frozen and as I was putting it up, it was subzero out so I would do two letters, come in, thaw, come back out," laughed Rena Scroggins of the Montrose Theatre.

Scroggins said the cold was good for business at the theatre.

"People are cooped up, they can't play outside, it's too cold so the movies have actually been very very busy," explained Scroggins.

The bitter temperatures were not good for one shop down the street.

The owner of From The Heart said she is looking forward to the slight warm-up and more customers.

"I definitely will enjoy when it gets a little warmer," said Twyla Puterbaugh.

Students in the local school district were off for holiday break and then several more days because of the frigid weather.

With more seasonable temperatures on the way, parents we spoke with are looking forward to getting back into a normal routine.

Branda Sincovich of Montrose is a parent and a teacher.

"Everybody is better on a routine so, it was a long Christmas break so getting back in, it takes a few days, and now we've had another interruption to the schedule so it's going to take a few more days. And I notice it with my students too. Everybody does better with a routine," said Sincovich.


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