Fire At Natural Gas Site

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AUBURN TOWNSHIP -- Fire crews in Susquehanna County had to deal with the frigid temperatures while fighting a fire near a gas well.

The temperature was right around zero when a trailer at a gas well near Springville caught fire just before midnight Tuesday.

A state police fire marshal said the fire was an accident caused by an electrical problem.

This well is run by Chesapeake Energy.

Officials have not said what was inside the trailer or how bad the damage is.


  • Jimbob

    If it’s on a drilling site it’s nothing harmful, they keep dry mud in trailers, and drill bits. Some of the trailers are used in housing, and some belong to directional drillers, ask a rig hand what’s on location, not a New Jersey hoby hoser…

  • John Sykas

    I am sure that whatever was in trailer will never be fully disclosed. Sending volunteer firemen into industrial complexes is immoral. Ask any professional New Jersey firefighter what they deal with in an industrial fire.

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