Woman Accused In Child Rape Case

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WILKES-BARRE — A woman from Luzerne County faces child sex crimes. She is accused of helping her husband rape a teenage girl.

Court papers say Misty Machinshok and her husband Gary plotted to get the girl pregnant because Machinshok could no longer have children.

Gary Machinshok was charged last year.

Misty Machinshok is charged with conspiracy to commit rape, conspiracy sexual assault, and conspiracy to commit child endangerment. She is locked up with bail set at $100,000.


  • Steve

    Misty has 2 girls and 1 boy and im the father of 2 of her kids, I live in MI and didn’t know anything until children & youth called me and told me. I am fighting right now to get my kids. I jus wish I knew about this sooner cuz they would be 6 feet under right now.


    Sounds like another attempt to rip off the taxpayer for Welfare Funds.

    This broken Family culture we live in needs to be outlawed. It only hurts the children and then it gets repeated by the next generation.

  • Tammy Saier

    My husband knows her n she is a sick individual. They both are. They both need help. I’d kill them if it was my child. We karma is well you know what it is.

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