People in Lycoming County Deal with the Bitter Cold

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If you were lucky, you got to stay inside today, but many people in our area had to work in these below freezing temperatures or travel to appointments. William Fleming waited at the bus stop in Montoursville in below freezing weather.

"Waiting for the bus to go downtown to Williamsport," Fleming said.

Fleming said he usually rides his bike to all of his appointments, but it was just too cold for that. So he got a cup of coffee and waited for the bus.

"I am very cold. My hands are very cold," Fleming said.

Temperatures were below zero in Montoursville, but the wind chill made it feel a lot colder. Still, that did not stop Sue Benjamin from finishing her route. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail...

"It's tough. I'm moving a bit faster, trying to anyway. I'm taking additional breaks when i have to. Just trying to keep myself hydrated and warm," Benjamin said.

The bitter cold weather kept many people inside, but it did not stop everyone from going about their business.

"I'm running some errands. I have to go to the post office and the credit union and a few other places. So business doesn't stop in the cold weather? Oh no, I'm retired, but I still have day-to-day things I've got to do," Bill Maule Jr. said.

Some people decided to get out of the cold and spend their day indoors at the movies.

"I thought this would be a good place to spend a cold day," Barbara Coates said.

Barbara Coates of Montoursville hustled over to Cinema Center in Williamsport to see the movie American Hustle, but she says getting there was the problem!

"I almost turned around and went back in when I saw that it was seven in my garage," Coates said.

Despite the cold weather, some folks look at the bright side of things.

"I think the Midwest is even worse than this so I guess we're pretty lucky," Maule said.

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  • Garrett Walizer

    Dear, Mr.clark it was minus 23.4 degrees this morning at sunrise at our house in Rosecrans ( Loganton ) Clinton County. Wind chill not sure but very very very cold, maybe in the neighborhood of 50 below

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