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Musto Trial Delayed

Posted on: 4:05 pm, January 7, 2014, by


WILKES-BARRE — Former state senator Ray Musto of Luzerne County received another delay in his scheduled trial on public corruption charges.

One day after doctors testified at a hearing, a federal judge ruled Tuesday afternoon that Musto is mentally incompetent to stand trial.

The judge ruled Musto, 84, must report to a facility for treatment for up to four months, or until his condition improves.

The former lawmaker from the Pittston area had been scheduled to go on trial next week on charges he accepted kickbacks while in office.


  • Charly Lucky says:

    leave the old guy alone, just take all his money, pension, property, and remove his name from everything, done.

  • Pa girl says:

    I agree with the above posters. It’s time these corrupt officials pay the price for their bad disgraceful deeds. 4 years should be fair!

  • Another one of NEPA’s finest only money can buy! Right Mericle ? I say we put the drooler in the psych ward with everyone else and see if he demands to leave after a year with the general population . 24/7 surveillance . But before he kicks the bucket …..strip his corrupt name from every bypass and park effigy and on and on in Pittston ! Disgrace this corrupt career politician and show everyone who votes for these criminals that the good people of this area will not tolerate this anymore ! Viva let revelutione!

  • leroy says:

    WoW ….. white collar crime pays … term limits ????????????????

  • coffee says:

    It shouldn’t be four months, it should be four years or until his condition improves!

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