Ice Bar Welcomes Customers During Deep Freeze

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While many of us are trying to find ways to stay warm during this deep freeze, some of the more adventurous spent the evening surrounded by ice.

An ice bar at a restaurant in Luzerne County is open for business once again.

For these brave folks, they are coming out of the freezing cold to warm up with a drink inside a bar made completely out of ice.

“It`s beautiful, I`ve seen ice sculptures at other places but this is absolutely gorgeous,” said Pam Shonk of Mountain Top. “It`s the perfect atmosphere for today`s weather.”

For the past five years, the owners at Damenti's Restaurant in Mountain Top have created this wonderful winter fantasy where people can belly up to the bar for a frosty delight, taking a swig from an icy mug or a shot from an icy luge.

“It kind of reminds me of the hotel they put together in Sweden now of ice,” said John Shonk of Mountain Top. “I am really impressed with the carvings.”

Owner Kevin McDonald says the ice bar opened for business over the weekend and should be open for the next ten weeks.

Even better, part of the bar's proceeds go to a different charity each week.

“It`s a rotation of a different charity and a different sponsor every week and half of the sales from the ice bar go to that charity each week and then the next week we start another cycle of charity,” said McDonald. “And this week it`s the Citterio USA, the Italian meats supplier, is sponsoring the Palermo Heart to Heart Foundation.”

With all these ice sculptures cooling the air down, blow torches are helpful in bringing temperatures up for customers.

And with single digits outside, it`s actually warmer inside the ice bar.

“It`s too cold outside, it`s nice in here though, this is why they invented igloos,” said McDonald.

“I just came back from working in Maine so it`s actually an improvement,” said Shonk.

The ice bar at Damenti's should be open until March 10th however that closing date could be earlier or later due to weather.