Preparing for Cold Weather at the PA Farm Show

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HARRISBURG -- Even though the Pennsylvania Farm Show is an indoor event, organizers are taking extra precautions in preparation for tomorrow's cold weather. Farm show officials are making some changes in hopes that people will still brave the frigid temps to come to the event in Harrisburg.

You can get plenty of hot food at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, but people lined up for ice-cold milkshakes.

"I think we're preparing for the weather as best we can. Inside the building it's toasty and warm and a great experience for those who get here," Pa farm show director Patrick Kerwin said.

Farm show officials say attendance was down over the weekend because of the bad weather. In preparation for this week's brutally cold temperatures, additional heated tents were added to the parking lots.

"Those guests who are waiting to ride a shuttle bus, they can be in a tent that has some heat in it," Kerwin said.

Farm show officials say they will provide each of their parking attendants with hand and foot warmers and they will rotate them in and out more frequently to try to keep them out of the cold as much as possible.

It's not just humans who will be affected by the freezing weather. Cattle farmers say their animals are fine in the cold, but not when the weather changes quickly.

"If it's 45 degrees one day and 15 the next, that's what's hard on them. That's when they get sick," Ginger Woolcock said.

Ginger Woolcock of Woolcock Farms in Orangeville says farm show officials usually require the cattle to stay at the show until judging is over. This year the animals can leave as soon as they are done competing.

"You don't want to be on slippery roads with a trailer full of cattle," Woolcock said.

Many farm show attendees, including Diana Fauver of Nicholson say they are glad they came to the event before the cold weather hits.

"Be able to get here during the good weather to where it's easier to get here when we can enjoy ourselves more," Fauver said.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show runs through Saturday.

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