Gearing Up For Deep Freeze In Lopez

SULLIVAN COUNTY---The small community of Lopez in Sullivan County can be a cold place, it is known to some as "The Icebox of Pennsylvania."

But a dangerous deep freeze is something that gets attention, even in Lopez.

"I'm not used to this cold weather. We've been here 2 years and this is the coldest I've seen," said Sally Houseknecht of Lopez.

Folks who have lived in Lopez for a while said they know to stock up on water, batteries, wood and oil when the cold comes.

Subzero temperatures keep many at home.

"You just put up with it and bundle up and take what we get, probably here it will be below zero so we will just stay in and bake," said resident JoAnn McGuire with a smile.

Others said they will just grin and bear it, coping with the cold as best they can.

"You live your life, that's just the way it is when you live in Sullivan County," laughed Lopez resident Mandy Pedro.


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