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Courtright Awaits Inauguration

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SCRANTON -- It's a big day in Scranton. After 12 years, our area's largest city will have a new mayor.

The change at the helm is expected to get underway Monday at noon at Scranton City Hall.  After three terms in office, Chris Doherty steps down and Mayor-elect Bill Courtright will take leadership of the Electric City.

It`s a change in administration for Scranton for the first time in 12 years during one of the most financially trying times the Electric City has ever had. One thing Courtright plans to do immediately is to try to improve the city`s bond rating to get a better interest rate on the debt Scranton already has.  He`s also counting on his good relationship with Scranton`s employee Unions.  He hopes to save money with their contracts.

Courtright did mention a $20 million arbitration award the city will owe the employee Unions. He doesn`t think it`s possible to change that number but hopes, if Scranton gets a better bond rating, taxpayers will pay less interest in the long run.

Aside from Scranton`s finances, Courtright hopes to mark his four-year term by fighting blight in the city, getting abandoned homes back on the tax rolls, and making the city`s neighborhoods more attractive.

Bill Courtright actually got his name out in the city of Scranton years ago as a karate instructor is now arguably the most powerful person in Scranton government.

Monday's ceremony is open the public here at city hall.