A Reminder for Pet Owners During Deep Freeze

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HONESDALE -- We humans are not the only ones who need special attention when the weather gets as cold as it's going to get.

Our friends of the four-legged variety shouldn't be left out in the cold

When the weather forces us indoors where it's warm, pets have the same basic needs. Even though they have a layer of fur it's not enough when it gets blistering cold.

While a number of dogs are cooped up at the Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale, there are many more that will face the brutal cold we're expecting outside in the elements.

Whenever the weather outside turns so frigid, workers at the shelter want to make a plea to pet-owners to make sure dogs, cats and more are treated the way they should.

"I would treat them like they're you're own kids. Treat them how you would like to be treated, how you would like to be kept warm and taken care of," said Casey Ferranti.

While Ferranti took Igor for a walk outside, she and vet-tech Crystal Crum reiterated the need for people to watch out for pets that do stay outdoors including making sure they get enough water, and not the frozen kind.

"You also have to watch the food, a lot of people give canned food which can freeze, then they're licking cold popsicles," said Crum.

And if owners don't provide warm enough shelter, PA Humane Society Officer Marlene Metzger could pay them a visit.

"A drum or dog coop without hair or a flap just isn't going to cut it. A house too big for a small dog isn't going to cut it, a house to small for a big dog," said Metzger.

"If you have an outdoor dog, you have to bring them in, my God it's going to be 0 degrees, just think of you sitting out there freezing," said Tim Henderson who was on Church Street walking his sister's dog, Emma.

The duo plans a shorter walk when the temperatures are not so nice for both man and beast.

"They have to do their business, have to go out, make it short and sweet tomorrow because of the weather," he said.

Folks at the animal shelter said if it's too cold for you to be outside for any extended period of time, it's too cold for your pets.

Humane officers expect to be busy over the next day or so with calls related to pets out in the cold.


  • Jeff

    I liked the part that said “How would you like to be left out in this”, people, a dog with a double coat like a Shepherd is fine outside and some would rather be out in it. There is NO difference between a coat of a coyote and a Shepherd.

  • Doc Dawson

    Granted there are some people out there that lack common sense or just don’t care enough to take the time to prepare for the cold weather effects on their animals – who shouldn’t own them to begin with (I see it all the time) but…

    Just this is just more “expert advice” from folks that have owned a couple of (overweight, tumor-magnetic) dogs in their lifetime. Take an outdoor dog that has stayed outside all fall and winter to this point and has grown a thick fur coat for the average 25-35 degree range. Now the above mentioned “moron” puts that dog in it’s draft-free dog house (appropriately sized) with warm bedding in 0 degree weather. Their body heat keeps the house a balmy 45-50 degrees… keep in mind they’re constantly wearing their own version of insulated overalls. Take that same dog with the same outfit in your 70+ degree house… guess which environment causes the animal the most stress?

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