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Fun on the Ice

The first half of Sunday offered a brief window for anyone who wanted to enjoy a sunny winter day.

Before the rain and freezing temps made a return to our area, we found folks out in Lackawanna State Park, soaking in the fleeting nice weather!

The Saunders kids were in the midst of some pond hockey on a frozen Lackawanna lake. Their dad, Rob, wanted to make sure Ellie and Robert enjoy the same kinds of things he used to do as a kid.

“I grew up playing pond hockey and came from a hockey family myself to get these guys out, they enjoy it,” said Rob Saunders.

While the Saunders chose to lace up for the day, others got around on cross country skis, and yes, even two wheels.

“It’s going to be an enjoyable day, no wind, we figured we’d get here before the rain and all that stuff set in,” said Fred Pittsman of Olyphant.

The blue gills were biting Sunday for Pittsman and his buddies. By the time we found them casting their lines below the 5-6 inch thick ice, they’d nearly caught their limit.

“We found the fish on the bottom, and they’re hitting like crazy. We’ve only been about an hour and a half,” said Pittsman.

Phil Dunn made the trip from Duryea to the state park for the same reason. Nice enough weather for early January and the chance to catch fish without also catching a cold!

“You usually battle with bad weather, not sun like this, and almost 40 degrees, not even in a hut or any heaters going on right now. It’s always a good time,” said Dunn.

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