Frozen Pipes Cause Problems

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SCRANTON-- Like an urban waterfall, water gushed through the vestibule of an office building on Penn Avenue in downtown Scranton after an apparently frozen pipe sent water gushing out of the sprinkler system.

Assistant Chief Jim Floryschak, Scranton fire department says "This is the second one in just a couple hours, I would anticipate that we would have some more, it got awfully cold out and problems like this develop after the cold weather."

It's not just older buildings that can have problems, a pipe burst in a utility closet at these new town homes in Jessup, flooding several units, and covering a bicycle with icicles

Tanya Crea of Jessup says "I could barely even get the door open there was so much water behind it, and when I did I found my mom in bed with about five inches of water in the house."

"My feet were frozen, because there was like water everywhere," says Donna Petroziello.

More than 6 hours later residents were still cleaning up.

The problem pipe in Jessup was in a utility room that opens to the outdoors the pipe in Scranton also near a door.

Assistant Chief Floryshak says, those are the spots where cold can cause problems.

"Making sure that sprinkler system piping and water pipes are in areas where there is heat, they are not in areas where they are susceptible to freezing air and drafts," added Floryshak.


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