Snow Day A Work Day For Some In Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Most of the morning in Scranton was spent digging out of driveways and parking spots, but for some, it was so cold the best option was just to stay put.

Frigid would be an understatement especially in the higher elevations in Scranton.  The wind was whipping, but no matter where you were in the city, you saw people digging themselves out of four or five inches of snow. We found some people with some creative methods for clearing snow and for marking their territory.

According to Joe Cannon, owning a car lot is the worst job to have in a snowstorm, unless you’re prepared. For him it starts 24 hours before the snow even falls and he was up early again clearing it all.

"Eddie started plowing around 7:30 so we'll get the cars back on in time to open around 5:00, hopefully. Just in time to move them again for Sunday,” said Joe Cannon at I&R Motors

For some, the snow was best enjoyed inside even though this extended Christmas break for Linda Glover and her seven kids has led to a bit of cabin fever.

"They're going to go out and play in the snow later which will give me a break for a few minutes. We've done different stuff, we've gone to the movies, but they need to go to school."

Glover occupied her oldest son by having him clear off the family's cars. Down the street, the Ayala siblings were earning their day off by helping dad dig out.

“It's cold, it's cold. I just want to get done with this and just go. It's really cold,” said Brenda Ayala.

We all know how much work it is to dig out your driveway or your parking spot but regardless, in the city of Scranton, it's illegal to do this you could get cited if you use chairs, garbage cans, or anything else to save your spot.

Elsewhere in Scranton, it wasn't such a pain to shovel.  Debbie Chmil attracted looks from her neighbors in West Scranton with her Christmas present, “the Snow Wolf.”

"I'm not used to being out in the snow but I couldn't resist with this using the snow wolf,” Chmil said. "It is fun.  This is a little bit heavy, but yesterday it was effortless. You just roll right through."

Chmil says cars slow down and watch her unusual shoveling method, but it doesn't bother her; she's done in half the time.

After cars and driveways were cleaned of all the snow, travelling in Scranton wasn't too bad as long as you took it slow on the side streets that still have some now on them.

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