Sledding in Frigid Temperatures

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- Several inches of snow is perfect for sledding, but Friday's temperatures were not.

Wind chills brought the temperature below zero at times Friday afternoon. So, sledding wasn't for the faint of heart.

Bundled up and in packs, parents and kids came to Clarks Summit Elementary School Friday with smiles. And some, only minutes later, left again not as enthusiastic.

"The wind is so strong, we're frozen out there, it's just going right through us. We aren't staying too long today, we're going to go home and get some hot cocoa," said Diane Dutter of Glenburn Township.

The wind chill made temperatures feel below zero and blew snow all over the hill by the school's playground. Even the sleds and snow tubes were hard to control.

For most, the sledding only lasted a few minutes until Mom ordered to call it quits.

"We have our scarves tied around us, we got out hats, ears bundled, but the wind, we're getting wind burn. It's too much," said Mari Ross of Scranton.

James Stoughton and his sons from Clarks Green outlasted them all, sledding for more than an hour. Stoughton in a physician and said there isn't risk of frost bite if all your skin is covered.

Even with the wind chill on the way down the hill, the kids didn't seem too bothered by the cold. Good sledding days only come a few times every winter.

"They spend too much of their lives indoors, kids these days, you know what I mean? Anytime they can get outside and do stuff like this it's fun," Dr. Stoughton said.

After all, they will be looking at the snow from inside a school window before they know it.