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January Storm Photos

Posted on: 10:54 am, January 3, 2014, by , updated on: 04:29pm, February 11, 2014

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  • Shickshinny Falls Jan 5th, 2014.

  • I went on a walk and it was cold so I figured I'd take a shot of it with the ice on the river.

  • Ken Long, Lycoming County

  • This was taken with my phone while we were driving around our community. It was so beautiful after all the snow, even though the temp was about 3 degrees that day.

  • A walk down to the stream has got me this photo of Water and Ice , The Ice formation looks like some strange creature Renee Fisher

  • Near the headwaters of the Muncy Creek, it's sub-zero.

  • Concrete arch bridge over South Branch Towanda Creek

  • Penn State Hazleton

  • Ice on leaves by: Rachael-Mae Photography (Rachael Hardy)

  • 1927 John Deere Model D owned by Butch Manzoni.

  • Unique close up of ice sculpture from winter thaw in Poconos.

  • 1/19/14

  • The result of the snow/rain mix storm we had a few weeks ago.

  • colorful natural ice sculpture

  • Made January 18, 2014, with the 2 1/2 inches of snow we received in Jonas PA.

  • Princess Pine at Promised Land State Park. Photo was taken by Carol Morgan of Paupack, PA on 1/19/14 during a Sunday afternoon hike through the Egypt Meadow Trail.

  • After snow storm

  • Goldfinch, with it's winter colors, just waiting in line. Lehman Pa.

  • Two cardinals have a snowy afternoon date on the bird feeder. Photo taken by Nicole Blank of Williamsport, PA

  • Photo of an Ice Jam taken at the Berwick Test track in Berwick Pennsylvania Photo taken by Mona Hess Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania.

  • A little White Throated Sparrow enjoying the snow in Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania. Photo taken by Mona Talanca Hess

  • This beautiful little Titmouse was watching it snow in Wapwallopen Pennsylvania. Photo taken by Mona Talanca Hess

  • Bench along the Susquehanna River in Wapwallopen Pennsylvania is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the view. Photo Taken by Mona Talanca Hess Wapwallopen Pennsylvania

  • Blue Jay in the snow looking for a meal and the bird feeder. Photo taken in Wapwallopen Pennsylvania by Mona Talanca Hess

  • beautiful stream with running water and frozen snow

  • Effort PA

  • This picture was taken by Denise Moore on October 29, early snowfall.

  • Nate gets ready for the big storm in Bradford County!!

  • Happy Birthday 2014

  • This photo was taken during deer season December, 2013 in Paupack, PA.

  • Tufted Titmouse not at it's best angle, looks a "little" weird. Still a favorite even so.

  • Natural Ice Sculpture

  • Found this little thing, sunning outside on the pine tree.

  • Here in Lakeville, Wallenpaupack Lake Estates got just about 8 inches of snow!

  • This photo was taken Jennifer Colella near Elysburg Pa.

  • Photo of an old barn taken by Madison Colella, age 12, near Elysburg Pa

  • Frost on our window today


  • January 4th morning in Clarks Summit. Another ice age upon us? Photo by HTV Media Productions

  • A Natural Ice Sculpture.

  • Two Bald Eagles in a field on route 220 in Muncy Valley on 01/05/2014. Photo by John Zelewicz of Dushore, PA.

  • Champ loves the snow

  • Champ playing in the snow


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Newswatch 16 Live Streaming

NOW with Newswatch 16 replays!