First The Snow, Now The Cold!

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Temperatures in the single digits and up to eight inches of snow in parts of our area are what we're dealing with after an overnight storm.

It’s that frigid feeling so many of us can relate to.

“Alaska! Here I am.  Never been there but here I am today!” said Martin Rollison of Honesdale.

“Freezing! Absolutely,” said Susan Rollison of Honesdale.

Honesdale is just one of many communities coping with single digit temperatures.  As if the cold wasn’t enough, a coating of snow covered just about everything in sight overnight including along the Casey Highway in Lackawanna County, making for a dicey drive.

“Horrible! And just to think I had to go all the way up to Honesdale to go to work. I work at the bank.  I come from Blakely and the ride was like ‘ahhhhh,’” laughed Jo Ann Simolin of Blakely.

While many had no choice but to brave the whipping wind and the bitter cold to get to work, others tell us they darted out the door over the past 24 hours for kicks. For some, this weather has them flipping, literally.

The recent winter weather sent gymnast Katie Newberry, age 9, of Taylor head over heels.  The image is just one of the many viewers shared with us through Facebook and Twitter, sights showcasing how some are trying to make the best of this January weather.

But maybe not everyone is excited to pop around in the powder like a pooch from Schuylkill County.  It seems the ground was just too cold for a group of turkeys in Tioga County that Nancy Thomas of Little Marsh sent our way.  Look closely you can see them standing on one foot at times because it appears the frigid temperature was nothing to gobble about.

And just when you’d think Bill Venderhoff was on the same page as the birds because the weather

“Froze my beard.  You don’t get any colder than that,” he said.

Somehow some way, he still says “I love winter!”