Cold Cleanup In Hawley

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HAWLEY -- Some parts of our area saw more than eight inches of snow and that included the Hawley area of Wayne County. It certainly was a cold day to dig out.

It was some speedy shoveling for Peter Rucci, clearing a sidewalk in Hawley.  There was quite a bit to get rid of but the temperature was only 7 degrees.

"I try not to think about it. You keep reminding me though,” he laughed.

We interrupted his focus on getting the job done and getting inside.

"As long as your blood is going and you keep moving, you're fine, but if you stop, you're done."

Ruthann Sweely was already thinking spring as she cleared off her van. Her Cold Clean Up In Hawley     granddaughter on the other hand thinks the winter is “awesome.”

This part of Wayne County may have gotten the most snow out of this storm but we're all dealing with the worst part of it, the cold, the single digits, and worst of all, the wind.

"It's cold, especially when that wind starts picking up."

Charles Hammer is working in these bitter cold conditions collecting trash.  He's glad he gets to keep moving. But as you see the wind blowing all the snow, it appears it's going to get even colder.

"We start so early in the morning and tomorrow morning, too.  It's not something I'm looking forward to." Hammer said.

The kayak outside Sawmill Cycles seems out of place in the snow and cold  but as Mike Dougherty shovels, he does think of better business for snowshoe sales here.

"Hopefully we get some people to buy some, rent some. We do that too, we do trips for schools also. Hopefully it will be a good season."

And looking around Hawley and feeling these temperatures, there's no doubting what season this is.

"Just hang in there. This is winter!" said Carl Magnussen of Fawn Lake.