Apartment Shut Down After Shooting

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WILKES-BARRE — City officials say charges are expected against two people and an apartment has been shut down after a shooting in that apartment at Sherman Hills in Wilkes-Barre.

Authorities say Lashawne Burgman, 31, and Catherine Thomas, 23, fled to a New Jersey hospital after Burgman accidentally shot himself in the leg on December 27. They believe they were trying to avoid police.

Authorities say they searched an apartment and found evidence of the shooting and what they called “distribution quantities” of marijuana and ecstasy.

The apartment was shut down by Wilkes-Barreā€™s code enforcement and cannot be rented out under the city’s “one-strike” ordinance.


  • yab

    def right there are good people staying at sherman hills with familys in which section 8 provide for them , however u have ur crime need to find away to seperate the two

  • diana

    They need a k9 to go apt to apt that’s the problem DRUGS to heck with it’s not legal(waawaa)if they have nothing to hide the problem shutting down the whole place will be the ones not cought will get low income housing somewhere else in our area.The owner’s in big time fines and the place needs to be taken over by someone else that cares about our area hey why not make the owner’s LIVE THERE WITH THEIR FAMILY!

  • Felicia M. Winchell

    They need to shut Sherman Hills down for good. No more Section 8 scum..no more shootings. The logic really isn’t that difficult people. You would think that after an innocent CHILD was shot and killed that they would have shut the doors for good.

    • michael rowe

      That is not the solution because there are actually families there that need help with the section 8 housing it us just unfortunate of some the acumen that does live there. Plus the owners of Sherman hills live in Brooklyn so there isn’t much management there either

    • Kevin

      I hope you’re being sarcastic. Chances are this person was already prohibited, by law, from having guns. What exactly did that “law” do to stop a criminal from doing what they want?

    • Mg Helio

      Ok… seriously? You’d rather someone who owns a gun and is stupid enough to shoot even themselves with it and enough drugs to distribute in the apartment? C’mon… Really?

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