Weathering The Winter Storm

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MONROE COUNTY -- In Mount Pocono, the plows were out Thursday night, clearing snow.

The winter storm caught some people by surprise, quickly covering things with a fresh layer of snow.

"I think it's crazy, it came so fast!" said Charity Kershner of Pocono Summit.

Charity and Steven Kerschner make money plowing snow.

"I'm glad it's here. Might as well get some business while it's here. Winter is here. It's winter!" said Steven Kerschner.

On Interstate 380 most drivers tried to take it easy, slowing down as the snow came down.

"They're going real slow, they've got their flashers on, at least everybody is being safe and not driving crazy, trying to avoid accidents," said Ryan Howell of Gouldsboro.

Jay Jenny drives a tow truck and worked a long shift through the storm.

"Uhh, 20 hours, but who's counting?" he laughed.

Jenny waited with his truck in the middle of I-380.

"It gets pretty hectic, like I say, people with four-wheel drive they think they can go anywhere and they usually end up going off the road," he said.