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Talkback Feedback: Off Air

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At the end of one year and the beginning of another, it's customary in the news business to look back on the best of this or the worst of that from the 12 months gone by.

But if that's what you're expecting from this week's Talkback Feedback, you are in for a surprise.

We're not rehashing all the great calls from 2013, instead, we're starting the new year with some calls that you've never, ever heard before.


  • faith

    i just heard about the musto delema…i dont see why you dont take his 10000 a month pension and make him pay for it…what seems to be the problem afterall the man is dying you can look at him and see it. put him in a nursing home and let him die in peace…..yes he did wrong and he’ll answer to god.

  • b

    I’m sure a lot is moderated out just like here. Sad but true, if you aren’t saying what they want you too, it gets deleted.

  • Tami Santagato

    Love being able to watch Talkback Feedback here online & now on Fridays. Sometimes I fall asleep early on Thursday & am totally bummed when I miss it!!

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