Man Sentenced For Killing His Wife

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HONESDALE -- A judge in Wayne County Thursday sentenced a man for killing his wife more than three years ago.

Robert Jufer's attorney said he pled guilty to the crime to avoid life in prison.

Jufer is 72 years old and will be nearly 80 when he's eligible for parole.

Jufer told the judge he was very sorry all he put his family through after making up a far-fetched story to cover up the fact he shot his wife June while she slept back in 2010.

Jufer will serve a 7-14 year sentence for killing his wife, June at the family's second home near Honesdale.

Immediately Jufer claimed he was attacked, and that an intruder shot his wife to death.

Then, nearly one year ago, state police charged Jufer in the shotgun slaying of his wife while she slept.

When asked if he shot his wife back then, Jufer said, "No I did not."

Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards said it was a relief when Jufer pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter back in October, and a victory to hear him admit he did it in court.

"Never once did I see a piece of remorse from Mr. Jufer. We have conviction, a state incarceration, that's what I'm pleased with," she said.

During sentencing the judge asked Jufer, "So you did kill your wife?" and Jufer replied, "Yes your honor.

"You spent the better part of three years trying to hide the fact you killed your wife," said President Judge Raymond Hamill.

"Could have been a life sentence if he had gone to trial and lost, that's why Mr. Jufer pled guilty because he didn't want to face that possibility," said his attorney Bill Peters.

Jufer's attorney told the judge his children already lost one parent and don't want to lose another.

"I'm very remorseful," said Jufer as he was led away in handcuffs.

With a sentence that puts the 72-year-old Jufer behind bars at least until he's nearly 80, it's not clear if he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Nevertheless, the Jufer family is sticking by him.

"The family's with him, been with him, going to stay with them," said Peters. "Despite everything, they don't believe he's had the ability to have committed this crime."

A fight between the Jufers is what allegedly led to the killing more than three years ago.

He pleaded guilty in October to voluntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence.

State police say Jufer shot his wife in the head as she slept at their home in Cherry Ridge Township near Honesdale in October 2010.


  • J. Pudish

    It is interesting how our justice system works now isn’t it. You rob a bank you may as well plan on a long term if not life sentence. Drugs get you more time then murder now a days. What a joke. This is why I hate our Government. Its corrupt. You can say that they care more about funds then there own people. Can’t wait for a war to break out here. Things need to change.

  • Tommy Boy

    Why are rapists and murderers getting 5-15 years….. while people who grow pot in there basement are getting 30+ years? Something has fundamentally gone very wrong with the american justice system.

    • J. Pudish

      totally agree with you. Something should be done. I personally think people are to scared to stand up for what they believe in nowadays. Seems like all I hear is people complaining about how they hate what they see and how people get away with thing the way they do. People need to stand and take back the country. Run it the way it is suppose to be run. I guess when the cops break your door down for growing. May as well make it worth it and light em up.

  • Christian

    how is this manslaughter? this is murder plain and simple… he got a gun, pointed it at her, and squeezed the trigger. to me this sounds like 1st degree murder

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