In With The New Year, Out With The Old Bulbs

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DICKSON CITY -- The lights are going out on the old kind of incandescent light bulb. They are being replaced by new energy-efficient light bulbs but get ready to pay the price!

The old light bulbs we've all been used to for decades are going fast at the Lowe’s in Dickson City.  Shoppers are stocking up, because once this supply is sold out, there will be no more.

A federal law took effect in 2014 banning the manufacture of common incandescent household light bulbs.

"That's it, the last of it right there. It's almost gone, but we want people to know we have plenty of backups, different styles, different options,” said Bill Stiefel at Lowe’s.

The options now are energy-saving bulbs, mostly called CFLs or LEDs. All cost a bit more, but save over the long run.

But some people want to hold on to the past, and are buying up the old bulbs.

“Nobody likes change but sometimes it's for the better, especially when you're saving money,” said Melanie Lewis of Union Dale

One big concern from shoppers is that their lampshades only fit over the old round bulbs.

“That's a CFL bulb with the bulb shape on it, so it will mimic your incandescent light bulb, so you'll easily be able to put your lampshade over top of it."

Companies are still allowed to manufacture the incandescent bulbs for chandeliers, for Christmas lights, and for specialty bulbs but once the household bulbs are gone, they're gone. There's no making them anymore.

“I think it's a good idea.  In the long run I believe the LEDs, the CFLs, they last longer, so you're buying less bulbs and you're saving money,” said Monique Rodriguez of Scranton

The government is forcing the change now. Rodriguez already did it herself.

"I've been buying them for a few years.  I bought an LED bulb two years ago and it's still going strong."

Lowe’s has big displays to help you learn about the energy-saving bulbs.