Bracing for the Storm

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STROUDSBURG -- With an expected snow storm on its way, residents of the Poconos and visitors started preparing for its arrival early in the day.

Before noon, students at Stroudsburg High School were filling the buses.  The district announced an early dismissal, due to the expected snowstorm.

"You don't want to take a chance having 75 buses on the roads during, what could be, the height of the snow storm. It's just not worth it," said John Toleno the Stroudsburg Area School District superintendent.

Students getting out early loved the idea of a short day back after the holiday break.

"Everybody's tired today, messed up sleep schedule. So it's going to be nice to go home and relax a little bit," said Luke Artzt, a junior at Stroudsburg High School.

Over at the PennDOT maintenance building off Route 611 outside Stroudsburg, mechanics are fixing some of the plows to make that sure when the snow starts falling the removal process can begin.

"Out on the Interstate, the trucks will be sitting in the crossovers, just waiting for it to start. The back roads there aren't a lot of places to sit, so they'll be here," said Robert Mudrick, the PennDOT Maintenance Manager for Monroe County.

There are some people who are getting to the bus stop a bit early so they can get into New York City before that big storm hits.

Rosalind Carey lives in Manhattan and was visiting the Poconos for the holiday.

"We want to beat the snow and the traffic,"  said Carey.

"My husband just dropped me off because we don't want to drive in the snow in the snow storm craziness and I don't want to get into any troubles with the car," said Elena Potapova of Stroudsburg.

But Potapova isn't alarmed by the snow storm. After all, she is originally from Moscow in Russia.

"I think it's a bit of drama to be honest and i think it's not so scary," said Potapova.