Waiting For Snow In Luzerne County

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FREELAND -- In Freeland, Luzerne County, there is a dusting of snow on the ground, but a storm could soon dump more.

Some people said they are happy about that.

“Oh, I’m going to love it because I like seeing snow. It makes everything look so pretty," said Elizabeth Hope of Freeland.

Snow is not all that is in the forecast. It is expected to get even colder, but Donald Crafchak of Freeland said he is not worried. He wears shorts year round.

"Yep, I always wear shorts. I’m serious!" he laughed.

Crafchak said he is not doing anything special to prepare for the winter storm.

"We get snow every winter. If you live here, you should be used to it."

At Fearnots Volunteer Fire Company in nearby Foster Township, several members had a special meeting to prep for the storm.

"Accidents, a lot of accidents in the snow, yeah. People just have to slow down," said Fire Chief Michael Spock.

Chief Spock also has a business, excavating and snow plowing. He said this storm could be good for his bottom line.

"It’s good for the checkbook, in the wintertime because excavating is slow."