Ski Slope Family Reunion

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- While many businesses were closed New Year’s Day, one spot was booming: the ski slopes in the Poconos.

One family was ringing in the new year with a family reunion on the slopes.

The slopes at Camelback Mountain ski resort near Tannersville are packed with people celebrating the first day of the new year, but one group is not only celebrating New Year’s Day, they’re also celebrating a family reunion.

"We all love to ski and so when we were growing up, it was an enjoyable time for our family so we brought both of our families together", said Bobby Stahl Jr. of Maryland.

Stahl and his family live in Maryland and his sister and her family live in Ohio. So this year, they met in the middle in the Poconos.

"It means a lot of fun for our family,” said Lori Hitchcock.

For the cousins, it's an excuse to catch up over some runs down the mountain.

"We like having a family trip each year during winter break, and it's really nice. I like skiing with them," said Bobby Stahl III.

Officials at Camelback say it’s mostly families because the time between Christmas and New Year’s holiday is all about families.

And with that, so is the sibling rivalry,

"I want to beat my sisters in a race,” said Ben Hitchcock.

"I wasn't aware of that but I guess we're having a race today,” replied Mackenzie Hitchcock.