Preparing for Snow and New Year’s Meal

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MOUNT POCONO -- The grocery store was a popular place to be for many people on New Year's Day.

Some people were getting the essentials for their traditional New Year's Day dinner while others were stocking up for the possible winter storm.

The meat aisle at the Shoprite Grocery Store in Mount Pocono was getting a bit more attention, especially the pork section.

"It's something you want to bring in the New Year with. It's one of the things you do," said Theresa DiNunzi of Canadensis.

While some people are grabbing the sauerkraut for the traditional New Year’s Day meal of pork and sauerkraut, others are stocking up for a possible winter storm.

Dorothy Kolba of Lake Naomi thinks the Pocono area is going to get slammed with about nine inches of snow. She isn't taking any chances with her prediction and is stocking up accordingly.

"Potatoes, you can never have too many potatoes. And cold cuts that you have to have in case the electricity goes out. You never know," said Kolba.

Two other women Newswatch 16 met at the grocery store packed the trunk of their car with bags and bags of groceries because they too think the Poconos might get hit with inches.

"Maybe five inches," said Helen Romanowski of Bartonsville, who explained she bought "everything, cat food, detergent.”

"I'm on disability so if it's bad snow, and we can't get out, we’ve got to have food in the house," said Jamie Lagennusa of Bartonsville.