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Pet Slideshow: January 2014

Posted on: 11:38 am, January 1, 2014, by , updated on: 12:07pm, February 5, 2014

Check out these great pet pics and submit your own!

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  • Chinese Crested

  • Smiling at a ball in the air!

  • Lucy loves to play in the snow. She dives in headfirst! -Amy Bachert, Quakake

  • this is willy our 10 year old thoroughbred loving the snow

  • Chi Chi is more comfortable indoors, while his dad is outdoors..shoveling snow. by Ron Jaghab

  • He stayed inside in the warmth away from the snow. Hes been sleeping like this all day lol

  • This is KIVA!

  • Our dog LOVES the snow. She is a Lasa Apso

  • We had to dig our lab out of the new snow. He got stuck.

  • Ruger and Bailey in the snow

  • Squirrel looking in door at cats

  • Cooperation is the key to keeping it swinging.

  • WATER!!!!!!

  • This face gets him anything he wants! Oscar, 11 year old Pug

  • This is Gnarls Rigby Barkley III, he is a Goldendoodle. He is about 6 month old in this picture.

  • This is our Spoiled Family Member, Her Name is "BRITTNEY"

  • Photo...of DOG Friday in front of the wood burning stove.


  • Yukon enjoying the sun

  • Winter fun in Drums

  • Our dog Bella, a Border Collie/Lab mix, watching squirrels in the backyard

  • Holly Robinson White Haven, Coco is the ferret -- 10 mths old. Lady Blue is my kitty --- 10 yrs old. They've been best friends for 7 mths

  • Holly Robinson White Haven, Pa 18661

  • Joan, our Percheron, playing in the snow

  • Charlie, Izzy and Lucy from Athens, PA.

  • enjoying the snow before he has to go inside

  • This is Larry. He's about 12 years old. He's a Cockapoo mix.

  • Kali enjoys napping on the sofa.

  • Our 1 year old Havanese dog named Rex eats a treat.

  • Our Havanese dog Rex from earlier in the holidays. ****NOTE: the beverage in the wine glass is non-alcoholic sparkling cider and was not fed to our pet, it was entirely for posing purposes.

  • Every night our one cat Autumn loves to climb on the entertainment center and watch the news/weather! She paws at the moving weather graphics and dopplers! From Throop, PA

  • My Girls Sadie and Summer are Dobermans and are have a blast playing out in the snow

  • Lounging.

  • I love to be scratched!

  • Take him everywhere with me and he is always safe. Homemade pet safety belt from old chest collar and suitcase strap.

  • Rescued at 9 months from a puppy mill - the life of the party now.

  • Lucy, Tess, Rocky, Missy and Gabby

  • My 7 month old kitten Shadow crawled under the blanket all by himself.

  • 3 dogs and a kitten makes for a full house!

  • What are you doing Mommy?

  • A picture of our puppy, Dexter, in our backyard during the snow.

  • Blue likes the snow

  • This is our 7 month old Pitbull. He is such a sweet dog and loves letting the wind flap through his ears!

  • This is our one year old boxer pup, named Lexi. Very friendly and great with children

  • Cannot keep Lexi in the house during a snow storm!

  • Rudy -American Foxhound

  • she loves to help me when i was taking down the xmas tree lights

  • Sibling Love: Zeus, yellow labrador, and his baby sister Zena, chocolate labrador

  • Living the life of a Lab in 2 degree weather and lovin' it!

  • Polkadot and Puddin having a snow battle

  • Our dog George, and ourselves of course, absolutely love your show. This is George watching the piece you did on Arctic Snowy of his new favorites. Ours too! Thank you for sharing this beautiful creature to your viewers :) David and Amy of Pringle, PA

  • Charlie our Chessie Just hanging out

  • Our new Austrialian Shephard pup

  • Loki, from Shamokin, enjoying the cold and snow, he is a Berner after all. Photo from Jen

  • sitting in his yard, likes to take himself for a walk

  • A cold morning doesn't slow these boys down

  • Comet is always so excited to play in the snow

  • Sassy is our 26 year old mare who still thinks she is a 2 year old at times, and she loves to roll in fresh snow

  • Doc our 2 year old loves running in the fresh snow!!

  • Great Pyrenees

  • Kropelka (means "droplet" in Polish) is helping us put up Christmas lights by checking to make sure they shine brightly.

  • Champ and Scooby on a rainy day.

  • my 2 Chinese Cresteds still in bed and still in their Jammies.

  • Just Lounging

  • This is my 2 year Old Yorkie ,,Cooper!! He Always sticks his head in the snow. I wonder what he thinks is there??

  • White poodle/shih tzu mix puppy with a santa outfit on playing in the snow.

  • My dog Callaway playing in the snow!

  • Cooper loving the snow!!

  • Trying to catch a snowball

  • 12/14/2013

  • My Girl Kali

  • This is what the deer think of the cold weather.

  • OHHH noooo they got a cat !

  • Cubby, the 11-month old lab having a grand time running and playing in a field on New Year's Day.

  • Chief 7, Alexa 10 meet Santa at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.

  • My 2 English Bulldgos At my Dads House In West Virginia Having a blast Im From Scranton PA (Carmen B ) Tank is the Dark Face and Ava is the white and brown face tank is 7 months old and ave is 9 months old


  • Rottie playing in the snow

  • Spartan loves the snow

  • Tiny and Angel out for some play time!

  • Our Lab in the snow with his favorite tennis ball on Faraway Lane in New Albany.

  • Santa didn't forget Duke :)

  • Champ loves the snow

  • Champ playing in the snow

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Newswatch 16 Live Streaming

NOW with Newswatch 16 replays!