New Year Baby In Luzerne County

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- A woman from Scranton rang in 2014 in a very special way. She had the first baby of 2014 in the Wyoming Valley.

Jazetta Diamond Teeple was born 12 minutes after midnight at Geisinger Wyoming Valley in Plains Township.

"I thought I'd have her New Year's Eve, but everyone was like,`Oh you can go until New Year's' and I said `No, I want her out before.' But she waited," said mom Stephanie Teeple of Scranton.

This is baby number four for Teeple.

She has a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a 13 month old.

Her newest addition was named by her sister.

"She took her middle name, scrambled it up and came out with Jazetta."

Baby Jazetta weighs in at 5 pounds, 4 ounces.

Her mommy calls her "Little One."

Family members said she is something special.

"All kids that are born are special. I think that she`s especially special from the fact that she`s the first of the year and look out! 2014, here she comes!" said proud grandfather Barry Matthews of Scranton.


  • Rachel

    Stephanie the last time I saw you , you were just a little girl. You knew me and my aunt well. it’s so nice to see you’re doing well. I will keep you and your children in my thought and in my prayers.

  • dawn

    last week this woman lost her home and everything in it 2 days before Christmas. and now she was blessed with a new baby for the beginning of the year! good luck Stephanie

  • Daphne

    As someone who was in this very same spot as the first New Years baby 30 years ago in 1984 congratulations to the family and Haapy Birthday to the little angel.

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