Arrest Warrant Out In Ashley Assault

luz assault

ASHLEY — Police are looking for a woman wanted on assault charges in Luzerne County.

Officers say Lauren Rushton of Wilkes-Barre attacked a man early Wednesday morning at an apartment on North Main Street in Ashley.

The victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition but is expected to recover.

A warrant is out for Rushton’s arrest.

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  • Jambone

    To the officers who have to deal with this scummy dirty piece of trash girl I would recommend rubber gloves drape bag over her head so she can’t bite u ..I hear she’s infected with HIV and she obviously has no reguard for human life aware of a cowardly black man lurking in the darkness he may try to sneak out and hit you from behind…I’m sure you guys deal with cowards like that all the time

  • Jambone

    Lauren rushton is a prostitute who can be found on Scranton back page.. She is a crack head who will do anything and I mean anything for a hit of crack …I’m talking train choose choo

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