Mount Pocono Man Found Dead

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MOUNT POCONO -- Authorities released the identity of a body found near railroad tracks in the Poconos.

Neighbors living near where the man's body was found wish they could have helped him before it was too late.

The body of William Holmes, 68, of Mount Pocono was found along some railroad tracks in Mount Pocono around 5 p.m. Monday.

A few hundred feet away from where the body was found is where the Woodrow's live.

"I feel bad, you know, knowing he was down there for a couple days and if he was crying out and we didn't hear him, being that close,” said Marjorie Woodrow.

"We're so close to where he passed on that we couldn't do anything,” said Wayne Woodrow.

Woodrow's back porch faces the area where the man's body was found.

Police were on scene soon after the body was discovered investigating how the man ended up there.

Neighbors say a hiker found the man's body near a creek. The coroner believes the man was there for a few days.

The coroner says when the man was found, it appeared he fell onto a stick and was impaled but an autopsy should reveal exactly how and why William Holmes died.

Neighbor Stephen Dickison wonders what led the Mount Pocono man to the desolate area.

"It was very puzzling to me what a gentleman of his age was doing down here off the main road, no vehicle around, nobody with him, not dressed real warm. It just seems odd. I don't know what he was doing back here.”

The autopsy is scheduled for later this week.


  • Robert

    i dont thank he was murdered or robbery he was impaled with a stick was he looking for something. and he most of bleed out from the stick.

  • Saige Walter

    Its so sad to know that these murders and robberies happen every day and more bad happens then good. People today can be cruel. Back in “the day” this didnt happen a lot. What happened to our world? What happened to what I called home? What happened to life? I’m only 10 and I fear of tragedies are coming and I feel in my heart there in my path. I want to close the path and turn around but what if it is too late?

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