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Owner Claims House is Slightly Haunted

Posted on: 5:36 pm, December 29, 2013, by , updated on: 06:44pm, December 29, 2013

DUNMORE — Sunday was a chance for potential home-buyers to see a home in Dunmore that’s up for sale, and the seller describes the place as “slightly haunted.”

Newswatch 16 stopped by during an open house at the property on Marion Street.

The owner, Greg Leeson, posted a description of the Victorian home on the web, calling it “slightly haunted, nothing serious though.”

The description goes on to say there are phantom footsteps, and a hardly noticeable scream around 3 a.m. once a week, but there’s no explanation for the noises.

A number of potential buyers came out to see the home up close and are not convinced spirits are haunting the house.

“As far as the ghosts go, I don’t think so, I don’t believe in ghosts. If there was ghosts you could hire ghostbusters to come in,” said Gene Terenzio, a potential buyer.

“Saturday Night Live” even talked about the house in Dunmore one week ago during its “Weekend Update” Segment.

So far the owners have not said if anyone has made an offer on the home they claim is haunted.


  • Sarah says:

    I WANT TO LIVE HERE!!!!! I love haunted houses! :D

  • mark says:

    And i believe pigs can fly

  • Mike says:

    Hospital claims owner is slightly crazy.

  • Hope M. says:

    I would do an investigation there. Would love to provide proof or disprove the allegations! I’ve got my own equipment, plus some friends of mine have a group that also do investigations.

  • Jodi Hill says:

    Firstly, I don’t know those people but I live in a house that is haunted here in Williamsport. I had to bring in a Catholic priest and back in July brought in The Dead File crew to investigate which was aired December 13th on the travel channel called the devil’s bidding. I had to bring in a Shaman to do a blessing and am getting ready to bring in a baptist minister to perform an exorcism of my home. My house is on Indian land from long ago and there is something that is negative here that I am trying to get rid of. I was attacked in this house a few years ago. I hear footsteps from someone I am not able to see. I hear people talking in my home both male and female as well as children. I hear thing’s being moved around and doors closing. I’ve heard music playing and a female humming. I get touched pretty much on a daily basis but not in a bad way anymore. We are getting ready to put our home up for sale but I am trying to make sure this issue is taken care of before we do sell it so that whoever buys it will not have to go through what I have been. the people we bought the house from never revealed to us that they were having issues so we were not made aware of it.
    Some people who say their home is haunted are actually telling the truth and not making this stuff up.

    • gafan says:

      AWESOME! I believe you! I have some weird things happen here as well. Did your episode air yet? I did see the one where they were in Catawissa. Love that show.

    • kat says:

      Agreed, you shouls have been told to give the option to decline. Cool that you are going to be open.
      People here with their negative responses do not realize that Earth Bound sprits exist, and its sad…
      We ALL live on hallowed ground of some sort, its impossible not to. Some of us are like antenae and ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ others not at all.

  • kat says:

    I totally believe in spirits. Very easy to find out. Have WNEP Crew stay there for a few nights with a company that has all the gadgets. :0

  • MeMPme says:

    I wonder if people buying house can get a refund if it’s not actually haunted being it’s being advertised as it is… haha

  • i lived in a home in nj that was build in the 18000s and yes it was haunted foot steps and so on but we didnt leave we got use to it they never bothered us

  • john collotty says:

    Slightly haunted my a** phantom footsteps and screams at 3 am whoever spends their money to live in fear has a bigger set I mean more guts than this man I’m good ill stay rite here in my not haunted at all home… Lol

    • hi my name is john casale i live in williamsport pa we have our own ghost haunting group here in williamsport our group has been together since 2005 any questions or u need help we can poss help please get a hold of us by our web site at dsparanormalgroup.com and like us on facebook at dark shadows paranormal.thanks for your time.jonathan

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