Man Shot After Hostage Situation in Lycoming County

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Williamsport Police said a man is out of the hospital and behind bars, after an officer shot him during a standoff Saturday night.

Jeffrey Stiber is facing more than a dozen criminal charges.

Teri Picktel grabbed her dog and ran upstairs when she heard gunfire near her home.

"I watched out my window and just saw the ambulance come down Germania Street and into the back alley, and all the cops were running," explained Picktel.

Police were called to 920 Penn Street in Williamsport after 6 p.m. Saturday when Pamela Confer called 911 and said Jeffrey Stiber was pointing a gun at his estranged wife, Kelli, and threatening to kill her.

Investigators said at one point the two women hid in their bedroom, a dresser holding the door, as Stiber pounded and kicked, threatening to kill them and the dog.

"This was being relayed real time to the policemen that were outside the house. He was pushing the envelope so to speak, and when he came out he was armed," said Capt. Michael Orwig, Williamsport Police.

Detectives said Stiber exited the rear of the house and shot his gun into the air. Then after ignoring orders to drop his weapon, lowered his firearm towards a police officer.

That officer opened fire, striking Stiber in the shoulder.

Neighbors said Stiber was a polite and friendly man, but they believe his whole world collapsed when his wife developed a close relationship with the other woman held hostage.

"She had a new friend I guess, this is what I hear and it just drove him, ya know," said Bill Kilpatrick, a neighbor.

Captain Orwig said it has been more than a decade since an officer involved shooting in Williamsport,and that Stiber is lucky to have survived.

"It did what it was supposed to do, and fortunately for him, the suspect, he is alive," said Orwig.


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