Spending Some Christmas Cheer

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Shopping areas in the Poconos were busy Friday, filled with some people spending their money from Santa.

Newswatch 16 found others cashing in on the sales.

Shopping bag after shopping bag was being carried around the Stroud Mall outside Stroudsburg. Each bag was filled with some sort of goodie as shoppers took advantage of some spending money from Santa, either in the form of gift cards or actual cash.

Jalen Gomez of Tobyhanna is an ultimate bargain shopper. She stretched her $30 gift card to get several new things.

"I got a bag, a dress, a journal where you can put in the code, outfit, sweater," said Gomez.

Colin Curry went to Schuylkill Valley Sporting Goods to exchange an item and we caught him and his family on their way to another store to redeem a gift card.

"We are going to Dick's because we have gift cards," said Colin Curry of East Stroudsburg.

But for Scott Myers, who is vacationing in the Poconos, he knew exactly what he was going to shop for at Schuylkill Valley Sports.  That is, the sales.

"Good sales now, getting a lot of 50% off stuff so it's a good time for us to shop and spend some of our Christmas money," said Myers of Franklin.

As for the assistant manager at Schuylkill Valley Sports inside the Stroud Mall, she says the crowds have been pretty steady all day long.

"A lot of Visa gift cards and a lot of people, their parents come in with them and they'll have their little stash separate. And that sort of thing, a lot of that going on today," said Lisa Sawyer of Schuylkill Valley Sports.

But one thing, there wasn't a lot of was window shopping.