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New Year’s Eve Traditions Continue At Skytop

BARRETT TOWNSHIP — Some people are getting a head start on ringing in the new year in the Poconos.

Lines of guests started forming Friday morning at one resort. The place continues to draw crowds with its decades-old traditional celebration.

It was a very busy morning at Skytop Lodge near Canadensis. At the front desk, workers were checking in guests, many who are staying until late next week so they can ring in the new year at the resort.

“We come here for the holidays all the time.”

“We’re inviting another couple up that we hope will carry on this tradition and they’re going to come up and join us with their two kids,” said Kathy Henning of New Jersey.

The Henning family from New Jersey is one of the hundreds of families making Skytop Lodge a New Year’s celebration tradition.

For decades, the resort has held a party with music, dinner, dancing, and a balloon drop, all activities the Henning family is excited to take part in for their third New Year’s celebration at the resort.

“You can play games, you can do crafts, you can watch fireworks. There’s so much stuff, it makes it magical up here,” said Emmy Henning.

Skytop Lodge is all about tradition during the holidays, even New Year’s Eve in the archive room of the resort. We found an itinerary dating back to 1967 and on this itinerary are events, many of which happened back then still happen today, like the midnight buffet.

But this year, a new tradition is starting. The New Year’s Eve celebration   which was always for hotel guests only is now open to the public.

“We are selling tickets for outside guests to participate in all of the festivities,” said Cara Federici of Skytop Lodge sales and marketing.

The tickets start at $25 a person and depending on what you want to stay for, you would pay more,

Click here for ticket information.

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