Holiday Pothole Patching

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WILKES-BARRE -- The recent warm spell followed by frigid air has taken its toll on the roads. Big potholes have opened up all over the place, including the streets of Wilkes-Barre.

A lot of people have spent this holiday week complaining about rough roads.  Friday afternoon, we found crews in Wilkes-Barre trying to patch potholes that are being blamed for flat tires and bent rims.

Public works crews in the city spent hours patrolling the streets and shoveling cold patch out of dump trucks to fill potholes like the ones that recently formed on Scott Street.

Cameron English says the weather's effect on the asphalt across Wilkes-Barre has taken its toll on the car he rebuilt to save money on gas.

"They’re size 12'’ wheels so, not very well. I built this car for gas mileage. It doesn’t do very well in the potholes,” English said.

The flux in temperature is to blame for many of the potholes. But city officials say cuts through the pavement to finish utility work is to blame for rough patches in other places, like Carey Avenue in south Wilkes-Barre.

Public works crews say they hope these temporary fixes will hold for at least a month.  City officials say they're trying to get as many potholes patched as possible with limited staff because of the holidays.

Anne Rabiolo says her Christmas wish for smoother streets hasn't come true yet.

"The patches are a good quick fix, but it seems like they’re patching all the time. So, it’s never fully done."

Complaints about potholes have been pouring in this week by phone and by email. Wilkes-Barre officials say they’re focused on trying to patch the big ones before the new year.